Important Notice cup81 l LoL
After one month we have teams but the admin, who could handle this cup, can't do it by personal things. We tried to find some admin who can help us but it isn't possible, we announce this now because we waited an answer until today.
Don't check-in or try to join because this cup is canceled, we will archive this cup tomorrow and we will create the next cups this Tuesday. If you have some question you can send us a ticket on our section and we will answer you soon as possible.

Our apologies about this incident, we will back in September.

Possible Calendar Cups:

07/09/2014 - Cup82 EAST&NORDIC
14/09/2014 - Cup83 EUWEST
21/09/2014 - Cup84 EUWEST
28/09/2014 - Cup85 EUWEST

Have a good day,

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Mitsuki, Saturday, 30/08/14 18:20
Female LoL Cups Ladies<3LoL #81 (EU-WEST)
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