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Name ladies
Shorthandle VP
Registered since 11/05/07
Headquarters  Europe
Area/Region Russia
  6  Awards  

  Female EFL Winter 2010 CS Main Round : 6 Minor, 1 Majors
15.11.10 6 Minor Penalty ( 6.2.7 Custom Data) ( Match )
15.11.10 1Major Penalty ( Incomplete Screenshots) ( Match )
  EMS Season V CS Female Main Round : 3 Minor, 0 Majors
24.11.09 1 Minor Penalty ( 6.2.7 Custom Data) ( Match )
24.11.09 2 Minor Penalty ( 6.2.2 The Configuration) ( Match )
  EMS Season IV CS Female Main Round : 3 Minor, 0 Majors
21.06.09 3 Minor Penalty ( Wrong Cvars + Models) ( Match )
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Latest matches
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CM Storm Go4CSGO Cup #61 - 15/09
loss   t0ptypen  0 Sunday, 15/09/13 09:15 2
wins   timetolaunchpenis  + 2 Sunday, 15/09/13 08:00 1
  Female Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cups Ladies<3CSGO #19 (5on5)
wins   GO POWERRANGER !  + 2 Sunday, 28/04/13 12:00 10
loss   winner winner chickendinner!  0 Sunday, 28/04/13 11:00 3
wins   GF-Gaming Ladies  + 2 Sunday, 28/04/13 10:00 4
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 28/04/13 09:00 2
  Female Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cups Ladies<3CSGO #7 - Winter Cup 2012
loss   Team ALTERNATE  0 Sunday, 16/12/12 10:00 1
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 16/12/12 09:00
  Female Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cups Ladies<3CSGO #6 (5on5)
loss   womaNation  0 Sunday, 09/12/12 10:00 5
wins   PROvocateam  + 2 Sunday, 09/12/12 09:00
The history of the team started in September 2009, when the two top teams from CSI who had years of experience on pro-level decided to make one top team and joined the Mousesports multigaming organization. One month later the team won their first gold medal in “Pan-European Tournament” in Poland. During the next two years the girls were the leaders in CSI and the European female Counter-Strike. First places in “Arbalet Female Cup Qualification” and “ESWC Female Russian Qualification 2010” and many gold medals from ASUS Female Cups can be identified separately. In the finals of the biggest events the girls placed third in “Arbalet Female Cup” and fourth in “ESWC France 2010.”

Popularity of female Counter-Strike took a considerable dive starting with the beginning of 2011 and the team was forced to play minor male and female LAN and on-line cups.

Girls left Mousesports and joined the biggest Russian multigaming organization in August 2011. It was the last year of the Counter-Strike 1.6 era, and there were very few female tournamets. But despite this, the girls played in five female on-line cups and leagues and took gold four times and silver once. In addition, Female won “ICSA Female Showmatch” in Moscow and “girlZ LAN Summer” in Kiev which gathered all the top teams from CSI. It was the last gold medal for the team in CS 1.6. With the release of CS:GO the girls fully switched to the new game and started to practice it.

Polina «Exilia» Paraka (captain)
Alyona «parti» Volkova
Ksenia «vilga» Klyuenkova
Anita «aNi» Lok
Marie «Chelxie» Gomez


1st place Pan-European Tournament, Poland, October`09
2nd place ASUS Autumn Female 2009, Russia, November`09
1st place Female Pro-series, January`09
1st place ASUS Winter Female 2010, , Russia, February`10
2nd place Fnatic Female Cup, March`10
1st place Arbalet Female Cup Qualification, Ukraine, April`10
3rd place Arbaler Female Cup, Ukraine, May`10
1st place ASUS Spring Female 2010, Russia, May`10
1st place ESWC Russian qual 2010, Russia, May'10
4th place ESWC France 2010
3-4th place DreamHack Winter 2010
2nd place ESL Female League Europe 2010-2011
1st place Virtus League I
1st place ICSA female showmatch
2nd place Virtus League II
1st place ESL Female Spring Cup 2012
1st place Imbarena Female Cup 2012 #1
1st place Team ALTERNATE Female Cup
1st place girlZ LAN Summer Kiev, Ukraine