Simply gamble game*update*
Long time ago ... After a long time without counter-strike source cups, we finally have the opportunity to play it on next monday. The admin team thinks it would be nice, wouldn't it? Find it out and sign up at our 2on2 Female Cup.
It is only a Cup with maps you know very good, standard maps like dust, aztec, nuke and dust2. Important details and information about our "Simply gamble gaming" Cup can be found in this news and in the leagueinfo.
****Update:**** Because of few sign ups we have to move the cup and hope there will be more participants! The cup will take place on Sunday, 28th of August at 20:00 CET!


  • 2 Entered Gameaccounts (Type SteamID CSS/HL2)
  • Gender female
  • Teamlogo
  • Presence in Teamspeak3 is mandatory during all matches
  • Using Wire Anti-Cheat is obligated!

Information about the cup

  • Date: 28.08.11, 20:00 CET
  • Mode: 2on2 MR15 Cup, Single Elimination
  • 16 participants
  • The rules remain the same as a normal ladders. Please use esl2on2.cfg for all matches.
  • Female Cup FAQ
  • Overtime MR3
  • Mappool: de_dust2, de_aztec, de_nuke, de_dust

18:00 CET
Sign-up begins Sign-Up now!
19:30 CET
Sign-up ends 
  28.08.2011 20:00 CET 1. Round de_dust2
  28.08.2011 21:00 CET 2. Round de_aztec
  28.08.2011 22:00 CET 3. Round de_nuke
  28.08.2011 23:00 CET Final Loser Bracket de_dust
  28.08.2011 23:00 CET Final de_dust

Your presence with your ESl-Nick in Teamspeak3 is mandatory during all matches! You will get the Voice-Data 5 minutes before the cup is starting.

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your Admin Team.
imp, Monday, 22/08/11 07:23
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go go go go !
ey ich will mich noch einschreiben
Aw i would have liked to of played this if only i wasn't on holiday at the time :(
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