General Rules
Here you'll find the most important rules about our tournaments which you have to follow at all times. We tried to make this as simple as possible, so if you still have additional questions please contact the support.

We at ESL hope that you as a participant, spectator, or press will have an enjoyable competition to partake in and we will do our utmost to make it a fair, fun and exciting competition for everyone involved.

All members who want to participate in a tournament have to be female.
All members need to have an ESL account and be on the team before the actual starting time of the tournament.
All members have to be on our voice server during all of their matches, from the beginning of the tournament until the end.
Matches have to start in-time, after 10 minutes a team can ask for a default Win if the opponent is not ready to play.
In case of a disconnect the game can be paused, the player in questions has to return within 5-10 minutes or the match will be continued.
Abusing any kind of bug or glitches is forbidden.
Unless there is an official stream, everyone can stream their matches as long as it is on TwitchTV.
A protest is possible until the match of the next round starts, maximum 72 hours after the starting time of the match.

Check your E-Mails before a tournament for further Information (e.g. voice server details).
If you need help during a tournament, contact an admin on the voice server.
Penalties and bans will be given based on the discretion of the tournament admins.
By participating in our tournament you'll accept all rules and guidelines.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Rules
All members have to keep their SteamID always up-to-date in their ESL profile (Gameaccount).
All members have to use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat.
All members have to use the same nick ingame as on the ESL profile.
All members should use the team logo as steam profile pic.
All members have to record Demos during the match. On request, demos have to be uploded to the ESL match page.
The usage of InGame-Overlays to gain an advantage is forbidden.
Teams have to agree on their own the Gameserver. No plugins except the ESL plugins are allowed. VAC and sv_pure have to be enabled.
If a GoTV is activated, it has to be set to at least 90 seconds delay.
If the server crashs during the game, it'll be continued with mp_startmoney 5000.
If needed overtime will be played with mp_startmoney 16k and mp_maxrounds 10.
To boost through walls, ceilings or the ground, sky walking, map swimming, floating and sharking are all forbidden.
Climbing with help of the team mates is allowed in general. Not allowed are positions where textures disappear in walls or grounds if a special movement (e.g. a jump) is required.
To throw grenades inside walls is not allowed. Above walls and roofs is allowed.
To plant the bomb in a way that it cannot be reached is forbidden. Places that can reached with help of a team mate are allowed.
League of Legends - Rules
All members have to keep their summoner name always up-to-date in their ESL profile (Gameaccount).
All members have to be part of the team they are going to play with before the cup starts.
All members have to keep talking all time in their channels in Female Teamspeak, admins will be checking voices, one player can not be not talking for more than 3 minutes as long we understand this like a team game and communication is fundamental.
None of the players can not be muted.
No one except the 5 players that are playing the game can be in the channel in teamspeak.
All players must have a real photo of themsleves.
Pause can not be done while a team fight, PPS can be given and if persists DQ the team.
All members have to use the Tournament Code to play their matches.