Zuckerfeen vs. Epsilon eSports Female
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 Epsilon eSports Female
Status: closed
MatchID 26550741
Date Tuesday, 24 July 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 24 July 20:42
map de_nuke
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16 : 14
Zuckerfeen wins !
Points +15 : -15
Wednesday, 25 July 15:38
Round 1 - t00str0ng - JeNnY
206 kB, Wednesday, 25 July 15:38, by JeNnY (Zuckerfeen)
Wednesday, 25 July 15:38
Round 2 - t00str0ng - JeNnY
195 kB, Wednesday, 25 July 15:38, by JeNnY (Zuckerfeen)

Epsilon eSports Female


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comments (10)
Hi girls, can we reschedule this game to the 23rd/24th/25th of july?
We can't play at 21 o'clock. It's too late. 24th of July is okay, but please at 20 o'clock
Hello, 20.00 is fine. I'm trying to move the match to the 24th but I can't?
I click move match and I get this: You can not agree to a proposal, as no proposal has been made.
Maybe you need to accept the date i suggested earlier?
We sent you a challenge, you have to accept that. It's the right day and the right time.
Hello again, I can't see there is a challenge anymore, it just says open and asks me to enter results when i go to match setup. Please look SS: hhttp://bildr.no/view/1231433 Sorry for being a pain in the ass, but I just can't see where to accept x).
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You've done it. It's okay :) pcw
GG girls wp =)
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