NaNa and HaChi vs. Team Ashriel 2on2
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 NaNa and HaChi
 Team Ashriel 2on2
Status: closed
MatchID 24872234
Date Tuesday, 20 December 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 20 December 20:52
map de_dust
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0 : 1
Team Ashriel 2on2 wins ! (Default Win)
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comments (15)
Hello Girls!
Please remember: The presence in the Teamspeak 3 before and during the match is obligated!
can you give me Ts3 ip qlka ?
I send it to You on private msg
just w8ing 4 zielona :/
map ? de_dust lolll
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do u have some server ? pcw
ping on yours server is 80-100 so freaky baad ;f
130 - 150 sorry. we have high pings in your sv.
so one half on yours and one half on our ;/ we are from left side so we start on our serwer pcw we are waiting for you girls!
go pls girls :/ we are waiting your match.
ok so the opponent team gave us other german srv we can play there... we r waiting... pracc
please join here pw pracc and start the game
ok w/o Zielona have some connect problems... =,=
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