suczixy vs. O+
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Status: closed
MatchID 24014267
Date Sunday, 18/09/11 14:00
Calculated 18/09/11 14:25
map aim_map2
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0 : 1
O+ wins !
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comments (5)
do u have server ? We don't have it , if u too dont have any , we will ask some admin for lending us the serv
Hello girls !
The presence in the Teamspeak 3 (, for password please ask the admins) before and during the match is obligated.
my friend probably wont come.. she's still offline
20:46:21 HellRose: hey
20:49:24 Moniss: hey
20:49:28 Moniss: i dont have a serwer
20:49:41 Moniss: and i still waiting for my friend
20:50:00 HellRose: oki
20:50:04 Moniss: she's not
20:50:07 Moniss: on steam
20:50:17 Moniss: I don't know what is going on;/
20:58:59 HellRose: oki
20:59:07 HellRose: we will wait to 20:15 for sure

We can wait even more but it looks like her mate won't show so you can close the match i guess.
we waitnig :)
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