Spain vs. Italy Female
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 Italy Female
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MatchID 20574081
Date Sunday, 20 February 22:00
Calculated Tuesday, 22 February 13:07
map de_train
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16 : 5
Spain wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 20 February 22:35
Screen - Rcon Status*
491 kB, Sunday, 20 February 22:35, by 2484583 (ES)
Sunday, 20 February 22:33
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Sunday, 20 February 22:33
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - Round2.jpg*
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Monday, 21 February 15:58
Demo Tv - Spain vs Italy*
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Italy Female


19/02/11 16:46
Prematch Statement
Hi all!

This is our last match and it will also be the last match of groupstages. Everything has been decided already and we know that we will go to playoffs.
After doing our homeworks in the previous matches we will still play the best we can to try and get a final victory that allows us to move to groupstages with a great motivation.
We will be playing the Italian team, a kinda good team, in one of our worse maps, train, so we will just focus in tactics to see if we can improve our teamplay in it.

gL majas.

20/02/11 14:10
Italy Female
10/02/11 09:58
Statement Italy Female
Here we are girls!
We have arrived at the final match of this incredible, sensational, and fun experience that has united us all towards the same goal; Have fun and make a game that is usually masculine like Counter Strike Source a bit more feminine.

We hope that this last playday will reserve some unexpected surprises for team Italy who has to face a strong team such as Spain on a hard map; de_train where it is indispensable to start with the best side and where we will always learn something new.

Even if we do not qualify for the final phases; we want to say GL & HF to all the girls that will go on in the tournament!

In conclusion Team Italy, hoping that this tournament will be the first of a long series, wants to say thank you to all the teams and the girls that have participated, to ESL Europe but in major part to Isa and aGiie who have been occupying themselves with the organization of the tournament, following scrupulously all the matches and supporting all us players.

Thanks to all!

Gl & Hf,

Aki - AnGeLiNa - BibiNa - Dolphin - Eilan
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