ESL Instant Challenger - How to

The ESL Instant Challenger is the fastest and most direct way to find a suitable opponent for an immediate match. As soon as the the button is clicked, a search starts for an equally strong opponent, who is also searching for an opponent.

No more annoying arrangments of matches in advance, and no need to search in IRC! Simply start the Instant Challenger, sit back and wait for an opponent!

The ESL Instant Challenger consists of three steps:

1. Before the ESL Instant Challenger is started, certain parameters can be chosen, e.g. the selection of a specific map. Only if one map is played, will the map be picked at random. Then simply click on "Play!" and the ESL Instant Challenger will start.

2. After the search has been started, a popup window will open. Each search consists of several opponent searches. The small numbers in the center indicate, how many opponent searches have been completed and also when the search will stop. If no opponent can be found after the maximum ammount of searches, the main search may be repeated at wish.

3. As soon as an opponent is found, the webpage directs you to the "Pre-Match" window. Here you will find out who your opponent is, the name and some additional information is displayed. The most important feature is the chat in the lower half of the window. Here you can directly talk with your opponent and discuss everything which is needed in order to organize your match (server, IP's, etc.). You will also find a direct link to the match results in the "Pre-Match" window.

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