Cheater rehabilitation

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The ESL gives convicted Cheaters the one-time possibility to rehabilitate themselves by writing an essay. With this essay the concerned players have the chance to show that they recognise what they did was wrong and have thought about it seriously. The essay topics vary and can be adapted to the incident and the affected player. The players must contact the ESL to ask for rehabilitation themselves, no admin will contact them.

  • There is only one chance to write this essay, if the player fails to pass all criteria, there is no second chance!
  • If there has already been a granted or refused rehabilitation and the player is caught cheating again, the player will have absolutely no chance to receive rehabilitation again, regardless of the amount of time passed.
  • Creating or using a fakeaccount results in the immediate loss of your chance to rehabilitate
  • ESL Trusted-Level 3 is an obligation!

  • Apply for your rehabilitation

  • Comprehensible English with minimum mistakes
  • The player has to contact the ESL by writing a support ticket within one year* after being barred for cheating; if this period of time is exceeded, the request will be rejected
  • A successful rehabilitation request is accepted at the earliest three months after the barrage was added
  • If there are other open protests, support tickets or fakeaccount suspicions in progress, the rehabilitation request will not be processed until all other tickets are closed; the above deadlines are not affected!
  • You will not receive information concerning your rehabilitation earlier than six month after your barrage date

  • * These regulations are valid for barrages that have been set after 06/01/2009. For the barrages set before that date the old rules apply where you have no more than twelve weeks to request your rehabilitation!

    Writing your essay

  • All essays have to be written in your support ticket. The essays are checked on spelling, grammar, style, expression and content. If one or more of these demands are not achieved, the rehabilitation can be rejected. (Note: The essay topic is only given by an Reha Admin. Essays written without a topic are ignored)
  • Besides the essay topic, you must reflect on your own experience with cheats, including your cheating in the ESL.
  • The essay must be self written and any influences from third parties as well as distributing the essay will result in the rehabilitation's immediate refusal or cancellation when discovered.

  • Successful rehabilitation

  • If a player has more than 12 penalty points because of several cheating incidents, all penalty points for cheating are reduced to 7 if the rehabilitation is successful. Other penalties or barrages (like insults or forgotten match media) are not reduced!
  • If the player violates one or more of the conditions below, the rehabilitation is cancelled immediately. This will also happen if the admin team recive evidence that the acknowledgement of guilt was faked and therefore no rehabilitation occurred.

  • Conditions
    All rehabilitations are bound to the following conditions. Every breach leads directly to the cancellation of the rehabilitation!

  • You have an obligation to upload replays in every game supporting a replay function. The files have to be uploaded no later than three hours after the match. Any rules in specific ladders differing from this are not valid!
  • No grand breaches of rules within the first six months of the rehabilitation. One-time violations like a forgotten screenshot are not treated as a grand breach, but if this happens in several cases, it can also be a reason for a cancelled rehab. In more important cases, like a missing replay, the rehabilitation is cancelled directly.
  • No breach of the netiquette rules. Should any insult or comparable case become generally known, the rehabilitation is cancelled.
  • You also have an upload obligation in every game supported by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and the files have to be upped within three hours after the match as well. Any rules in specific ladders differing from this are not valid in case of a successful rehabilitation!
  • The creation and or usage of another account with the aim to bypass the barrage and/or penalty leads to the immediate cancellation of the rehab
  • Dependent on the case, rehabilitation admins are free to add further requirements, which are not explicitly listed here. You have to comply with these just as well and violation may lead to a withdrawal.