Denial eSports.Europe vs. KMT.EES
Contestants Parameters

 Denial eSports.Europe
Status: closed
MatchID 28897598
Date Tuesday, 10 September 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 11 September 00:12
Round Quarterfinals
best_of 3
map Summoners Rift
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Result Media
2 : 1
Denial eSports.Europe wins !
10/09/13 15:48
Gameaccount mismatches:

GF Jankos has no ESL account
GF Elendix has no ESL account
GF Kikis has no ESL account
GF jokieez has no ESL account
GF Woolite has no ESL account
H2k N760 has no ESL account
H2k Xaxus has no ESL account
H2k Celaver has no ESL account
H2k Overpow has no ESL account
H2k SuperAZE has no ESL account

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10/09/13 12:44  #1
Community Manager
Please refresh the page with F5 before copy & pasting tournament code 2 and 3.
10/09/13 14:46  #2
 ST Dis
Cześć Panowie,
Wasz mecz będzie castowany na ESL_Poland3. Proszę nie startować zanim casterzy dołączą do pokoju.
10/09/13 15:51  #3
hey, we're playing on euw using custom game 1:0 for kmt for now
10/09/13 18:03  #4

2 edits 
10/09/13 18:11  #5
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