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TC:Elite end of opencup, ladder signup is open now. All teams with a complete ETPB GUID can register now! In the past we had some problems with our script, we all hope that the problems are fixed now. And to get even more gamefun we will release soon new pb settings.
The ladder is played in maxrounds 5 that means the team wich get first 6 points win the map. If the score is 5:5 u have to play again to get the 6th score for one team. The first team with 6 score wins !!!

With the Opencup almost over, we have had a good turn out so we hope that the next will be alot better without any problems and even more teams joining to decide: Who is the best True Combat: Elite team out there. Keep yourself up and alive, the current event is still on the way and soon we will see the first winner.

The TC:E Ladder signups are open since some weeks, but due to a lack of information it was not possible to join yet. As an earlier newsletter said, you have to get your PB GUID in your ESL profile to join the ladder, connect to a server and type "/pb_plist". To save this log and your GUID, you can use "/condump nameofthefile.txt". You will see 8 letters of your own PB GUID, please copy your own and post it in youre esl profile using the navigaion "My Gameaccounts" in the Command Center. it will be saved in your ET TCE folder. Also, in the future rounds of the current playoffs, only players with the complete guid in the profile are allowed to play. If there is anything wrong with the guids or some are missing, place a protest after the match finished. Please make sure you got your pb guid. Once you have updated your profile with your guid you can then join wherever you want with your team.
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TC:E's First Playoffs
The playoffs are running and day by day it's coming close to the final and the end. With the upcoming weeks, we saw many hot and tight fights between different teams, read on and see what teams say about the current stage and the cup so far:

cR_old najman
SeF Zulu Squad started the match with 5 players - ended with 3. Match wasn't the best one - nothing speciall happened - it ended with score 14:6 for team CodeRed. It was easy win for eclipse polish division.

Venom Project SAT
It was a nice war against a fair and professional clan. Unfortunately Venom] had internal difficulties the days before so we were not as well prepared as we would have desired to be. Nevertheless we are looking forward to the next stage of TC:E in the ESL and we are gonna be a lot better prepared in the next stage and take revenge for this loss. Greets.: S.A.T

Quick Arrows drax
The match against Eclipse-blue was very nice and dramatic.
We lose in first map obj_delta (our choice), but rounds was pretty close and sometimes we was just unlucky. We can tell Eclipse have a good sniper (apart from the other things). Change came up in a second map – obj_northport. We started on terrorist side and fleeting happiness smiled on us this time.
Every rounds on terror side was our. On specops side we achieved to hold score for us althought Eclipse tried very furiously to balance score.
They had very nice rushes at the end but was 2late - qa ftw. I hope this wasnt our last match and we will prove that we wasnt just lucky. thx for gg Drax

Mave - A-Team - SnaKeS3K
It has been a really nice and fair match. We did not had any problems in the match because they are all nice players. Luckily we had enough time to train the maps and the new constalation of players so we have been prepared for that thrilling war. We did not start very well with being in arrears 0-2 but then we "woke up" and turned it so that we won the first map. The second map was then a bit chaotic because of player changes and communication, anyway we managed to get a draw and won the match.
Ultimately, for me it was the best esl match so far and we all enjoyed it. I wish all clans good luck and don't forget to ahve fun, see u in the finals.
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Draws, Maps and Modes
We also know, that there were some problems in the past, therefore, we will change our system for the future:
Future playoffs:
In each upcoming cup or playoffs after a groupstage, we will use the mode maxround 10 (MR 10) and will play only one map. This means, the ESL forces you to play one map and you have to play 10 rounds as attacker and 10 rounds as defender, the first clan with 11 rounds wins the match, if both get 10 rounds, there will be an overtime which will be played in MR 3.
Future groupstage
For each groupstage, we will stick playing two maps, but we will use the MR5 modus on each. Both teams can pick their own map. If it's a draw it belongs to the announcement of the event if you have to play a third map. If there is a third, the winner of the first map starts eliminating the maps from the mappool - already played maps are out of the pool.
The ladder
We will not play a decider in the ladder but we will use the maxrounds 5 mode. The match is finished as soon as all rounds have played. This menas both teams will play 5 rounds as attacker (allied) and 5 as defender (axis). All 20 rounds must be played even if one team already has 11 rounds. The points will influence your DECL points, which are used for the ranking.

We are looking for..
... a bright future for TC:E. If you think you can support our admin squad, feel free to apply as admin. For more details about the todos and benefit you will get, stay tuned for another newspost next week. If you can't wait for the announcement, visit this page to apply today!
eightBALL, Friday, 09/02/07 13:26
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