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As mentioned in the previous newspost, here you will find all other important facts and details besides the Qualification Structure: Schedule, Rules, Maps, Config and of course the Prizemoney!
Read on for more information on these topics!

Format: 6on6
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Qualification Details
29th March
30th March
End of April
Directly after the Qualifiers
Directly after the Groupstage
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Enemy Territory ESL Major Series Season IV

   1st 250 €uro
   2nd 150 €uro
   3rd 100 €uro

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Qualification Chart
Config: With the Start of this Spring Season, we present you:
The Global Configs as latest result of collaboration with other Leagues and Organisations. It will be announced in the next Newspost. So stay tuned!
Note: All matches not played with that config must be replayed!

We will provide an extensive Coverage for the major event of the year as well as our partners including Reviews, Previews and Interviews. At the moment we are searching for some official Newsposters. If you want to become a Newsposter, click here. If you want to add ETTV Coverage on your own, feel free to ask an Admin to arrange the necessary steps.

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Do you want to become a Partner too? Send in a Request!


If you have Problems with the Sign Up or Registering to ESL, feel free to contact an Admin via IRC: #esl.et @quakenet or have a look into the Starter Guid. If there should be any problems with the matches or your opponent or to determine your team's nationality, feel free to contact us via IRC or the Support Ticket.

Good Luck to all participating Teams and have much of Fun!
//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Wednesday, 18/03/09 14:36
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