Country Championship - Grand Final
After four months of qualification, group stage, LANs, European Football Championship and of course the final stage it is time to crown the champions! But who will be the champion? While we already know the 3rd placed team, the decisive match is still pending and will take place this Sunday!

Grand Final

After beating Team Poland 3on3 in the lower bracket final the guys from Team-Netherlands return for a rematch vs Team Finland! Now they have to win twice. It is not the first but the third time these two top teams face each other in the entire tournament. Here are some facts about the final:

Sunday, 05/08/12 16:00
Status: closed

  Team Finland (#1) [3:1]  Team-Netherland.. (#2)

Road to final
Team Netherlands Team Finland

National Qualifier NL

4:0 vs III.Musketiers
4:2 vs Draakjes 3on3.NC

Group stage

4:0 vs Team Canada 3on3
4:0 vs Team-Spain
0:4 vs Team Finland


4:0 vs Team-Germany
4:0 vs Hungary
2:4 vs Team Finland
4:2 vs Team Poland 3on3

National Qualifier Fin

4:0 vs mitiih
4:2 vs re-play

Group stage

4:0 vs Team-Spain
4:0 vs Team Canada 3on3
4:0 vs Team-Netherlands


4:0 vs Team-Estonia
4:0 vs Team-Czech Republic
4:2 vs Team-Netherlands

saKen - Team Netherlands (lineup)
Finally we've come to the grand final of this tournament. We're happy to have come this far and to have the chance to defend our title. It's a hard task having to beat the Fins twice but ofcourse we will be trying to do so. The tournament has been fun but unfortunately heavily delayed by some of the teams, many people have probably forgotten it was going on in the first place, I hope we can bring a nice final match and bring this country championship to a nice ending.

Squall - Team Finland (lineup)
After having nice and friendly draft match with saken and lampje on the other day, I would say this match is ours. Maybe they get lucky again when twidi lags and they actually manage to win a map but if that doesn't happen I would say clear 4-0 to us. But hopefully we can still make it more entertaining just for the viewers. Player to watch is olbaa ofc, that guy just goes and destroys everything while me and twidi sit in spawn drinking coke!

Let's go! Good luck to the teams!

All possible thanks to our partners!

Sn4kE, Friday, 03/08/12 13:25
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