After the Fall Cup Series has finished, we are pleased to announce the Winter League! This time a group stage followed by play offs will be hosted. You still can Sign Up and find some information in short form in the Announcement

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Part 1 1st Division 1st Division 1st Division
Part 2 2nd Division 2nd Division 2nd Division
- 3rd Division 3rd Division 3rd Division
- - 4th Division 4th Division
- - 5th Division 5th Division
- - - 6th Division

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General Rules:

Players: member of one team in the running, respective tournament independent from the division with entered SLAC id
Wrong SLAC id of at least one player: 0:2 Defloss for the regarding team
Demo: A Demo of each round must be taken by each player!
Failure to appear: You have to wait at least 20min before you inform an admin
Cointoss: Winner starts to eliminate the 1st map, loser determines Axis/Allies
Pause:Both teams can use pause two times within one round
Spectators: Only allowed if both teams agree
Substitutes only team members with entered SLAC id, allowed at any time during the match
Referees: Not allowed during the whole match
Maps There are no limited maps (e.g. all regular ways to go are allowed: Side on Braundorf, Radar and Frostbite etc.)
Nicks: In game nicknames must comply qith the nicknames entered at the ESL
Ping: Team A's ping + 60ms = Team B's max. ping otherwise Team B is allowed to swap the server
Misc: Planting dynamites at weird places which does NOT require men tower is allowed as well as Trickjumps, Prone, Selfkills

Following actions are forbidden:
• boosting more than 1 person
• planting dynamites on places which requires men tower
• planting dynamites on places which prevents defuse
• pausing game to use a bug on maps like supply or goldrush
• using or abusing any bug in the game and/or map
• blocking any doors

Adding new Players:
• New Players and Ids can be added at any time if the ESL System let him join
• Only at the teamsheet registered players with entered SLAC id are allowed to play read more
• New players (from another team) are suspended from playing the first 5 days
• If the opponent agrees, the player is allowed to play even if the 5 days are not passed yet (contact an Admin for that)

If you agree on playing the match before Sunday, both teams have to make confirming match comments / send in a support or protest ticket. Of course you can play without informing the admins but if the opponent will not show up, you have until the Tuesday of the next week to play the game (If you reach Tuesday day, the date becomes forced).
• If your match was not played until Thursday a mail is sent.

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• 1 Match per Week, Matchweek starts each Monday
• If the teams cannot agree to play: Check Schedules and Maps
• Forced Maps (Decider free choice)
• There are NO Wildcard during the whole Tournament!

Play Offs:
• 1 Match per Week, Matchweek starts each Monday
• Best of three (2 Maps and Decider if needed)
• If the teams cannot agree to play: Check Schedules and Maps
• Free Map Choice, Decider by Elimination after Cointoss
• Lower Bracket Winner must beat the Upper Bracket Winner twice
• There are NO Wildcard during the whole Tournament!
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2on2 Special Rules

CTF maps:
These maps are without time limit.
When a team reached the map objective, then they won the round.
Round time is not counted here. Objective can be reached in overtime.
Self kills are disallowed at all as well as Fire Supports and teamkills on purpose.
Doing a self kill/Fire Support results in at least losing the round. In very special cases you even can lose the map.

Objective maps:
All objective maps have a specific time limit.
This is played in the usual stopwatch format.
Self kills are allowed!
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• At least one of the two teams / players is forced to upload all screenshots of the match including the guid screen. This means five (or more if a decider map was played) screenshots are required.

• Both teams / players have 24 hours to upload the screenshots after the match has ended. Otherwise both teams / players will receive one penality point for not uploading the screenshots completely in time! In case we have no proofs, either GTV matchlink, matchcomments, or whatever stuff proving the match took place, the match will be forfaited.
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The Configs can be downloaded later here
Note: If you agree to start playing with CB Fall Config, we will not interfere but the official config remains the above stated one.
In order to play with Speedlink Anti Cheat (SLAC) you have to lead the NOPB config versions .
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You have to download & install SLAC and to register
after that you will get your very own SLAC id which you add to your gameaccounts
Adding the Id: Command Center >> Add gameaccount >> select SLAC Id
Starting Enemy Territory via SLAC
For offical matches you still have to use the Global Configs (no pb version)
• Check the offical SLAC Frequently asked Questions & the ESL Announcement for more details
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Schedules and Maps

Braundorf (b4)
SP Delivery TE
TC Base
Braundorf (b4)
SP Delivery TE
SW Goldrush TE
SW Goldrush TE

1on1 2on2 3on3 5on5
Week 1 Valhalla, Well Adlernest, Delivery Delivery, Supply Bremen, Goldrush
Week 2 Silly, Huntplace Base, Braundorf Goldrush, Frost Radar, Karsiah
Week 3 Station, Multi Frostbite, Supply Braundorf, Adlernest Supply, Adlernest
Week 4 Multi, Valhalla Supply, Braundorf Supply, Goldrush Supply, Goldrush
Week 5 Huntplace, Station Frostbite, Adlernest Braundorf, Frostbite Karsiah, Adlernest
Group Stage Upper Bracket Lower Bracket
13/12 - 19/12 1st Matchweek
20/12 - 02/01 2nd Matchweek
03/01 - 09/01 3rd Matchweek
10/01 - 16/01 4th Matchweek
17/01 - 23/01 Round 1
24/01 - 30/01 Round 2
14/02 - 20/02 Round 3
21/02 - 27/02 Round 4 (Grand Final)
24/01 - 30/01 Round 1
31/01 - 06/02 Round 2
07/02 - 13/02 Round 3
14/02 - 20/02 Round 4

If you cannot agree to play the match in the given matchweek, the forced date becomes mandatory.
    Forced dates are:
  • 2on2: Tuesday 19.00 CET in the next match week
  • 3on3: Tuesday 20.00 CET, in the next match week
  • 5on5: Tuesday 21.00 CET, in the next match week
  • A email will be send to every match on Thursdays, if by then the match was not played yet.
  • Protests to remind you about the match will not be opened anymore by the admins.
  • If you need help while rescheduling you can open a protest yourself or ask an admin to do so
  • Otherwise protests will be used ONLY for cheating issues or any other match problem, but not to schedule your match.
  • In order to avoid a default loss when you cannot agree/contact your opponent, make match comments and inform an admin in time.
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    Contact & Help

    If you have any problems or questions regarding the Winter League you can use one of these possibilities to get help:
    Support Ticket or Protest ticket regarding the match
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    Head Admins Sn4kE & M1st3r
    Co-Head: FoaMea
    League Admins: eiM, kafux, l4z, Notorious, Krein, syc
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