myRevenge e.V. vs. sienihermannit
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 19.  67.

 myRevenge e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 11490407
Date Sunday, 14 December 21:00
Calculated Monday, 15 December 01:12
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Result Media
Bremen (b2) 0 : 2
SP Delivery TE 0 : 2
sienihermannit wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 15 December 13:37
Round 1*
261 kB, Monday, 15 December 13:37, by 3609253 (sieni)
Monday, 15 December 13:37
Round 1*
249 kB, Monday, 15 December 13:37, by 3609253 (sieni)
Monday, 15 December 14:22
Round 1*
347 kB, Monday, 15 December 14:22, by 2589112 (myR|)
Monday, 15 December 14:23
Round 2*
377 kB, Monday, 15 December 14:23, by 2589112 (myR|)
* No longer available

myRevenge e.V.

comments (12)
We be play on sunday 14.12.2008 20 o`clock germen Time!
would to play whis ettv?

mfg keksjee
Im afraid that's not ok for us, since we have 3on3 esl official then.

Can't you play this on week?
maybe 10.12 20.00cet?
No we cant play in week so most of our guys must work.
We can play on 21 o`clock Sunnday germen Times so you have Time to play your 3on3 Match. ok?
but you would be play on ettv?

mfg keksje
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can we play it earlier at Sunday?
ettv is ok
ealier i dont know i speak whis teamates.
When we cant play earlie so we can play 21 o`clock?
when your 3on3 not finisht this time we wait on you thats ok for you?
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We cant play ealier.
I think we play 21 o`clock Germen Time.
And when youar are not finished your 3on3 we wait on you thats ok for you`?
I pulish our match on ETTV.



please give me your lineup.. :=)
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lineup will probably be

1 edits
do not change maps!!
maps will be: bremen_b2/sp_delivery_te

Hi, our 3on3 match got cancelled so maybe we can start this a bit earlier. Like 20.30CET?!
4-0 for sienihermannit
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