myRevenge e.V. vs. tabloid junkies
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 myRevenge e.V.
 tabloid junkies
Status: closed
MatchID 11988788
Date Sunday, 18 January 20:30
Calculated Monday, 19 January 15:07
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Supply 2 : 0
Radar 0 : 2
Gold 2 : 0
myRevenge e.V. wins !

myRevenge e.V.

comments (23)
18.01.2009 Sunday
21 o`clock
thats ok for you?
Hi radar is the map from junkys...
not the from mightyesports
gl hf!
gl hf
our mate rafcyk aka pazuzu is sick, he has 40 degrees fever...
we hvnon 6th , could You let play ska for him ? ;((
hf and gl :)
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You have 9 Players in lineup you dont need ska!!!
8 with skaa without there is 7 one is out of contry and the second one is sic
u r so fuckin scared to play 6o6 gratz
Nsk is inactive, he has problem with et ,so he can't play this match today .if you don't agree, we have play 5v6.
It's not fair play :(
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search a not overskilled merc thats we agree.
but we dont alowed ska.

mfg keksje
lol you agree to get merc but not ska which is playing with us till 2004 i dont understand why you dont agree with him as u can see he is in lineup till: ska Fighter 49 days but haven't set guid so what is the problem;o
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So we must change the date match if you don't alowed ska:D...For not overskilled merc you agree it's realy horrible;(
when you haven`t 6th get to loser bracket...
KeKSje wrote:
search a not overskilled merc thats we agree.
but we dont alowed ska.
so we can get merc?
we need ip and password for match today!
that was close. gg anyway
good game..
see yeah at final.. :)
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