Avonet vs. myRevenge e.V.
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 myRevenge e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 11988781
Date Sunday, 11 January 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 11 January 22:44
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SW Goldrush TE 2 : 0
Supply 0 : 2
Frostbite 0 : 2
myRevenge e.V. wins !

myRevenge e.V.

comments (8)
We cant play today we can play on weekends so you can play on

12.01.09 Sunday 21 o`clock.

You will be play whis ettv?

mfg Keksje
ok 12.1 we can
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sunday is the 11.01.09 keksje nap :D
lol keks

thats fine..

11.01.09 21 o`clock.

i send you my server ip and pw.

mfg Keksjee
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Here Server and PW.

[HoheLuft-Server #1 powered by Team HoheLuft]

IP Address

Password linenwheel

hf & gl.. :)
gg lil lagy server
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