Naked Clan vs. wHINE team
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 6.  14.

 Naked Clan
 wHINE team
Status: closed
MatchID 13085453
Date Tuesday, 21 April 19:15
Calculated Friday, 24 April 23:16
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Adlernest 0 : 0
SillyCTF 0 : 0
Points +1 : +1
comments (6)
Hi guys.
i am here for arrenging the war. When do you guys can play?

contact me on
i add bad score wHINE won by forfeit
And why?

My mate who was waiting on Our mIRC channel saw nobody.

And i was connected on yours the days before and i never saw you on it.
ok fine for me. IF you want to win like that.

PS: I posted the message above when i didn't saw the protest.
no you dont waiting i hv screenshot time and all so?..
i was talking about sunday

And where do you see that I was waiting. I said it was a mate.
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