colt45 vs. to Make odds even.ET
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 to Make odds even.ET
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MatchID 26887466
Date Sunday, 21 October 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 25 October 18:06
Round Lower Round of 4 #2
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to Make odds even.ET wins !
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This weekend is lan weekend, so what happens?
I don't see colt45 or tMoe on Adroits participants list. :D anyway /q dialer on irc in order to schedule this.
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tuesday maybe
Today is the last possible day to play. As said by fanatic both teams are not playing at lan, so you should be avi to play. The other lb semifinal is on monday, you can play tomorrow too.
Please agree asap, we dont want this tournament to get delayed
Hi, xperia and chry were both at lan so colt45 could not play, also tMoe did not tell us they actually wanted to play. We both agreed on Tuesday afaik. So it will be played tonight.
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