vs. Fear Factory X-Fi
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 Fear Factory X-Fi
Status: closed
MatchID 4656875
Date Wednesday, 18 October 22:00
Calculated Wednesday, 18 October 22:57
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Radar 2 : 0
Braundorf 2 : 0 wins !
Points +3 : 0

22/10/06 00:31
IPS Final Stage: vs. uQ.Gaming
[ Prematch Statements ]

After our first win against uQ we are now going to face Eventhough we could beat them one week ago everyone knows "idle is on the backpath". This time it is not only a showmatch so we expect to perform better than the last time we played them. We hope that we can win this match quite clearly especially because it will be our last 6on6 game for about two weeks. Have fun to the spectators and have fun and good luck to! | senji

no statement handed in

Fear Factory X-Fi | tba

[ Lineups ] senji, urtier, teKoa, JaKaZc, r3vers, Night

Fear Factory X-Fi krisek, wiesiek, r1co, S4rna, Mrozu, Wrobel

[ Match Details Map 1 ]

Round 1: sets the clock to 7:25.

Round 2:
Fear Factory X-Fi could not beat the clock!

[ Match Details Map 2 ]

Round 1:
Fear Factory X-Fi sets the clock to 13:31.

Round 2: successfully beat the clock!

[ ETTV ]

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