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 frozen fingers.mikro-esports
Status: closed
MatchID 21271246
Date Sunday, 06 March 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 06 March 21:56
Round Grand Final
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Free_Choice 2 : 0
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frozen fingers.mikro-esports wins !
Sunday, 06 March 21:23
222 kB, Sunday, 06 March 21:23, by FoaMeA
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I allow frozenfingers to play with an merc because they have not enough players to play today. He asked us to play the match tomorrow or Tuesday, but than we cant play the match. The match will be played on 20:30, so we both can play it today.

Best Regards,

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/connect; password jagdpanther
4-0 First match, next match will be reschulded

we didnt play it on gamestv because there was no server avi for 20:30
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Why is this match at protest, frozenfingers said they would play the reschudel match in less than a week, and contact me when they could play. I came to there mirc channel everyday but they didnt answer. I asked them to add me on xfire or send me a pm on crossfire.
Whats happening here.
I think they just want to wait untill there line up players are back, but I´m tired of this.

Regards highway
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Because Sunday is the last day when you can play this match, it shall be force! You shall play it today, at 21.00 CET.
Ok thanks
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