ldem vs. Purefragging
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Status: closed
MatchID 21269220
Date Saturday, 26/02/11 17:00
Calculated 27/02/11 04:34
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Free_choice 2 : 4
Free_choice 2 : 4
Purefragging wins !


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hey, got any suggestions for the date?

also, on gtv you're only registered as 'idem' , if you want to have your team evolved to Natural Gaming please drop a ticket ^^
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we are gonna play as idem (for gtv). is 23:00CET sunday ok with you ?
Heh 23cet isnt possible for us on sunday, 20cet is tho :x
monday 20;21;22 ?
(21:44:19) ([ECC]manlux) or we can play today
(21:44:20) ([ECC]manlux) now
(21:44:23) ([ECC]manlux) 22
(21:44:25) ([ECC]manlux) or 23
(21:44:28) ([ECC]manlux) sth like that
(21:44:42) (h3ll) ok
(21:44:43) (h3ll) 23
(21:44:44) (h3ll) it is!
(21:44:44) (h3ll) today :D


good games, was an exciting match to watch!
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