Dota 2 starts on Feb. 11th - How to Qualify?
The RaidCall EMS One consists of four seasons every year. Each season offers a prize pot of 39,000$ and is divided into three stages: 4 Cups, Group Stage and Live Event Finals. While some of the cup participants are seeded, everybody has the chance to qualify for a cup by playing in the Dota 2 A-Series.
For every cup the top 16 teams of the current A-Series will join eight finalists of the previous Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One Season. The higher a team places, the more points it earns in the overall cup ranking. Said ranking determines the 16 participants of a groupstage, which will reduce the participants to eight teams towards the Live Event Finals.

Also, we have listened to the feedback of our American fans. We came up with the idea to adjust our model to offer the American teams a way to take part as well. The focus of our competition will remain in Europe though, but we will present a more sophisticated model to include teams from other continents for future seasons. Teams from Europe and North America will compete with each other in the A-Series. However, teams from outside of Europe are not eligible for the cups. Instead, the highest ranked North American teams on March 11th qualify to the group stage where they compete with Europe's elite.

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RaidCall EMS One Prize Money per Season

Ranking Cup #1 - #4 Live Event Finals
1st Place 600$ 12,000$
2nd Place 200$ 7,000$
3rd Place 100$ 4,000$
4th Place 100$ 4,000$
5-8th Place 2,000$

RaidCall EMS One Prepage
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #1 on February 12th

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season

There is no previous season of the RaidCall EMS One, therefore we will accept eight invites from renowned teams. Please write us an e-mail with the following information: Team name, Team's country, Website URL, Full names, nicknames and nationalities of the players, a list of accomplishments and a description in less than 100 words why you would be the perfect addition to the EMS One to [email protected] Deadline for your application is the 3rd of February at 12:00 CET. This leaves 16 spots for teams from the Dota 2 A-Series.

Sign up now for the A-Series to get the chance to qualify for a RaidCall EMS One Cup. In the A-Series you can choose on which dates you would like to play. Pick the match dates suiting your team best and advance up to the Premier Division and face the best teams in the EMS One! Find more information on the A-Series in our FAQ section.

Sign up for the Dota 2 A-Series now!
Step up, show your skills and play the EMS One

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season Schedule

Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #1 - February 11th/12th - Qualify via A-Series
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #2 - February 18th/19th - Qualify via A-Series
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #3 - February 25th/26th - Qualify via A-Series
Dota 2 RaidCall Cup #4 - March 11th/12th - Qualify via A-Series

Dota 2 Group Stage : Groups A & B - March 18th - 24th
Dota 2 Group Stage : Groups C & D - March 25th - 31st

Dota 2 Live Events Finals - April 20th/21th

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cool to see that us teams can now enter too. nice one ESL & RaidCall
news wrote:
For every cup the top 12 teams

maybe 16 teams?
mTI wrote:
news wrote:
For every cup the top 12 teams

maybe 16 teams?

I believe you are right, and it is Top 16. I'll verify and change the text if I get confirmation.

OK, confirmed. The cups consist of 8 invited teams (see application info above) and the leading 16 teams of the A-Series at the beginning of each cup week.
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this is awesome thanks ESL & Raidcall
just wanna ask can we know the eight finalists of the previous Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One Season ?
low skilled support need team :P
Bloodlust wrote:
this is awesome thanks ESL & Raidcall
just wanna ask can we know the eight finalists of the previous Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One Season ?

This is the first season, so we will just invite 8 teams based on applications we received. For future seasons, the top8 of last season are always qualified for the next season.

After some thoughts i have decided to try and form a new 5 man[EU] team for Dota 2.
First of all - if you are impatient, like to flame or have the "elitist" ego this is not for you.
I have experience with teams dating (managed 5 teams in dota , 2, 1 team in HON) and competitive play.

levelSIX Get to competitive level (Don't expect that to happen in 1 week, alot of training, training, training is required.)
All are open for all but the best was be play that what you can and love to play. 1,2,3,4,5

1. Mid++
2. Being active (everyday availability evening time/ ~20-24 GMT +2/)
3. Loving your role and sticking to it(don't like role swapping)
4. Microphone/TS3 preffered
5. Punctuality
6. Patience

What you should have:

- equally high skilled players meaning: stuff like stacking, pulling, (counter) warding, not auto-attacking, when to push lanes, etc,... should be really self-evident and actually not even necessary to be mentioned.. But still I write it to make clear what I expect

- clan captain should be experienced in leading and coordinating team as well as picking line-ups

- really important: time to play. I totally understand that it is just a game and most people just play it for fun, but I seriously want to take my game to a higher level with a great team. So I need a people, that practices more often than just 3 times a week. Apart from having fun, you really should take this game serious and want to participate in leagues.

- due to timezones and serverproblems you should be European.

If you are interested or want to ask more details add me on -
- Steam - [email protected]


Search a team mid ++ / high skilled, have a lot of awards and experince more prv me at steam
[email protected]

I'm a really good Captian also.
I play most support/semi-support/initjator/roamer/wards wards and wards :)
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