The Ancients awake - Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One with 156,000$
Dota 2 is the second discipline of the RaidCall EMS One, a brand new premier gaming competition by ESL with RaidCall as its title sponsor, based on the ESL Major Series. The tournament will feature a major prize pot of 156,000$ split over four seasons in 2013, making it the largest independent Dota 2 competition to date.

Presenting Europe's largest Dota 2 competition

The best teams from Europe will compete for an overall prize fund of 156,000 US-Dollar. The entire tournament will be broadcast by ESL TV. Almost every week you will enjoy multiple days with the best matches presented live by our new Dota 2 caster; topped off by four live event finals every year.

What is RaidCall?

RaidCall makes communication with groups of people fast and easy. Using minimal CPU resources, this free software is the ideal group communication solution for all types of users, especially online gamers looking to utilize effective teamwork. RaidCall also offers unique features such as Hi-Fi voice chat for groups of up to 10,000 people, optional speaking modes, and flexible group management tools.

RaidCall EMS One Prepage
Dota 2 & CS:GO with 156,000$ each - powered by RaidCall

More on the Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One and yesterday's announced CS:GO RaidCall EMS One, how to qualify, as well as the tournament structure and the first participants, will be announced very soon.

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RaidCall EMS One Dota 2 Prepage
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