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Name Reason Gaming
Shorthandle [R]
Registered since 03/08/10
IRC #Reason-Gaming  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Reason-Gaming Squads
Headquarters  Denmark
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IRC #Reason-Gaming  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  ESL Pro Series Season 3 Counter-Strike: Source Finals
wins   Team Speedgaming  + 2 Monday, 14/02/11 15:00 17
loss   apeX eSports CSS  0 Thursday, 06/01/11 14:00 14
  ESL Pro Series Season 3 Counter-Strike: Source 5on5
loss   Styrd-Gaming  0 Tuesday, 16/11/10 14:00 18
wins   NORDIC-eSport  + 3 Sunday, 14/11/10 16:00 17
wins   SpeedGaming EPS  + 3 Sunday, 14/11/10 15:00 19
wins   Paranoia-eSports  + 3 Thursday, 11/11/10 14:00 14
wins   Xayagaming  + 3 Tuesday, 26/10/10 14:00 37
loss   Lions eSportKlubb  0 Thursday, 30/09/10 14:00 21
wins   Team Speedgaming  + 3 Thursday, 23/09/10 14:00 20
wins   eXelon Gaming  + 3 Thursday, 16/09/10 15:00 22


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