EMS Winter 2012 WoT - Winners!
ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 World of Tanks is now finished and it's time to draw the line and see all the winners of this competition. At this level, you cannot call yourself a loser because all the teams are very good and all played extraordinary in this season. We've seen great teamplay during this season, and many many awesome actions from well-known players. The previous EMS Winners did not disappoint us as they managed to create a first in the ESL Major Series, winning twice in a row this tournament!

Winners and Final Match

Final started with Himmelsdorf, map picked by Lemming Train EMS! The poles had a great chance to win this first map when they went with 3 heavies and one t1 to the enemy base to cap! It should have been an easy job but unfortunately for them the russians got back in time to reset the cap and destroy them leaving their other 2 heavies alone in this battle! 1-0 for The RED Rush!

Ensk - fastest map in the EMS! Lemming Train EMS needed only 2:30 minutes to win this map as they dispatched their tanks extremely good in the city and managed to kill 2 polish heavy tanks in this process! At this point, Lemming Train EMS knew that their only chance is to cap the enemy base so they went ahead to the cap zone but they didn't expect Ec1ipse, driving a T1, to be in the bushes waiting for them! He had a very important role in this map as he managed to get one T1 and to reset the cap several times, even by hitting the AMX 50 100 that was there to protect the T1. 2-0 for The RED Rush!

At this point, Lemming Train EMS had to win 3 maps to become the new ESL Major Series Winners. Widepark was their pick and as the map started they managed to get one T1. It looked like a great start for them but they surely didn't expect 6067262, driving a T32, to push from the city to the enemy base, hiding in a great spot and making a lot of damage to the poles. This action made Lemming Train EMS to make a call! They decided to push to the enemy lines with 3 tanks, a bad decision unfortunately as they got bashed easily by the russians and thus making The RED Rush the new ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 World of Tanks Winners! A well-deserved victory! Congratulations!

Lemming Train EMS
The Red Rush
The RED Rush: Unity

4th Red Tide EMS
5-8th Virtus.PRO (WoT)
1SBP Zawisza EMS

Prize money breakdown

With a total prize money of €15,000 this season not only the top 3 teams have the chance of winning money. The prize money will be distributed as follows:

EMS Winter Season 2012 - World of Tanks

   1st €5,000
   2nd €2,500
   3rd €2,000
         4th €1,500
    5th-8th €1,000

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EMS Winter 2012 WoT Playoffs
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