EMS WoT Winter Season - Groupstage Playday 4
We're closing in to the end of the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 Groupstage, but we still have a lot of interesting matches for you, and some of them will be streamed today! Looking at the Groups, in some of them we already have a good picture of who will qualify but one question still remains: who will qualify in first place and who will qualify in second place? Today we'll feature two matches, one from Group A, and one from Group D. The teams are very good and they will all fight for a better seeding in the Playoffs. What are you waiting for? Get your beer and popcorn and tune in to see these matches live on our stream!

Streamed matches in Playday 4

The first match that will be streamed is between two teams that fight for the first place in Group A, RoX.KIS EMS and team, Virtus.PRO (WoT). In the first encounter, the russians managed to overcome their opponents so they are now number 1 in Group A. However, I'm pretty sure that their opponents have learned their lesson and promise to show them hell tonight!

Thursday, 08/11/12 13:30
Status: closed

  RoX.KIS EMS (#1) [2:0]  Virtus.PRO (WoT.. (#5)

Second match is a battle for the first place of Group D, between Red Tide EMS and Lemming Train EMS. Every team wants to have a good seeding in the Playoffs so they are playing at their best now. In their previous encounter, Lemming Train EMS managed to win with 2-1 against their opponents in an amazing very close battle. Will they win again? We'll have the answer tonight, at 20:30 CET! Don't forget to tune in to see this match live!

Thursday, 08/11/12 14:30
Status: closed

  Red Tide EMS (#4) [2:0]  Lemming Train E.. (#8)

The live Stream

Next to our World of Tanks caster Steven 'sne' Neale you will see ESL TV's Allrounder Joe 'Joe Miller' Miller presenting actionpacked battles to you. All you have to do is tune in to support your favorites.

You can also expect news to feature important matches, statements from players, match reviews and VOD's! All this content will be available for you in this season of the ESL Major Series XI World of Tanks, so don't forget to check it out!

Watch live video from ESL TV WoT on en.twitch.tv and follow to stay tuned for future events

Prize money breakdown

With a total prize money of €15,000 this season not only the top 3 teams have the chance of winning money. The prize money will be distributed as follows:

EMS Winter Season 2012 - World of Tanks

   1st €5,000
   2nd €2,500
   3rd €2,000
         4th €1,500
    5th-8th €1,000

Timeline for the EMS Winter Season

18.10.2012 19:30 pmPlayday 1
EMS WoT Winter Season 2012
25.10.2012 19:30 pmPlayday 2
01.11.2012 19:30 pmPlayday 3
08.11.2012 19:30 pmPlayday 4
15.11.2012 19:30 pmPlayday 5
15.11.2012 21:30 pmPlayday 6
13.12.2012 19:30 pmQuarter-finals
19.12.2012 19:30 pmSemi-finals
20.12.2012 19:30 pmFinals

If you have any questions, use the comment section below or contact us via support.

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