Quo Vadis EMS vs. Global-Hardcore-Gamers EMS
Contestants Parameters
 13.  9.

 Quo Vadis EMS
 Global-Hardcore-Gamers EMS
Status: closed
MatchID 27075830
Date Monday, 19 November 20:30
Calculated Tuesday, 06 November 01:12
thirdmap Airfield
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Result Media
Live Oaks 0 : 1
Widepark 0 : 1
Global-Hardcore-Gamers EMS wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 05 November 20:34
Missing Opponent
216 kB, Monday, 05 November 20:34, by 6992103 (QV EMS)
Monday, 05 November 20:37
464 kB, Monday, 05 November 20:37, by 6992103 (QV EMS)

Global-Hardcore-Gamers EMS

Quo Vadis EMS

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comments (1)
we could not get a team cause admins around here cant read time and date
cause we discussed it last thursday that there would be and admin on skype to add our last 2 subs to our team this sunday after 8 PM CET
but i could only find one admin called steven and he though it was funny to ignore me so fck that shit
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