EMS Winter 2012 TMNF: Playoffs
The end is near! Today the EMS TMNF '12 Playoffs will take place. We will see in less than 24 hours who the champion will be in this season! Is frostBeule going to rule EMS again? Make your prediction and take part in our next raffle to have the chance to win an ESL Premium booking.

Relegations Results

On 15th December the Relegations have been played. Here you can see the winners of it:

1) Carl Jr.
2) 3315257

1) Oli
2) YoYo

1) Bergie
2) 2052469

1) frostBeule
2) Kappa


The Semi-Finals will be played both at 18:00 CET. Therefore all the players will have the same time to rest until the Finals.

Matches and Rules

In Semi-Finals, two players from each group will leave the ship. There will be no loser bracket.

Semi-Final 1
ESL Cupmode
Pointslimit 120
Match date: Sunday 16th December, 18:00 CET
Relay server 1

Semi-Final 2
Carl Jr.
ESL Cupmode
Pointslimit 120
Match date: Sunday 16th December, 18:00 CET
Relay server 2

Carl Jr.
ESL Cupmode
Pointslimit 120
Match date: Sunday 16th December, 20:00 CET
Relay server 3

ESL Cup Mode Rules:

Game Mode: ESL Cupmode
Max Players: 3
Point Limit: 120
Points per round: 10 6 4
Rounds per challenge: 3
Number of winner: 2
Warm-up phase duration: 1

About ESL Cup Mode, find more information in this news.

Map distribution

All known maps will be played, which means: ESL - Beatdown, ESL - Fustang, ESL - Chronicle, ESL - Guilty and ESL - Eistee'.

Win Premium again!

Predict the winner of the season in the comments! Every player predicting the correct answer will have the chance to win one month Premium.

The previous raffle is won by Kappa! Congratz!^.^


EMS Winter Season 2012 TMNF Europe

   1st € 400
   2nd € 250
   3rd € 100

Good luck for all participants! May the fastest racer win!

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EMS Winter Season 2012 Homepage

EMS Winter Season 2012 TMNF Homepage

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Your Staff
Rasque, Saturday, 15/12/12 19:14
comments (22)
mmh glhf
2 edits
Semi-final 1: Frostbeule, Yoyo
Semi-final 2: Carl Jr, Bergie
why both matches at the same time :/ it sucks :O
both of them are great to watch and we can see only 1 of them? i guess nobody cares about the rest time..^^

gogo 18:00 and 19:00 pls :)
Semi-final 1: Frostbeule, B3pp0'92
Semi-final 2: Carl Jr, Kappa

!!!!! GOGO KAPPA !!!!!
Semi-final 1: frostBeule & YoYo
Semi-final 2: CarlJr & Kappa

Grand final:
1. frostBeule
2. CarlJr
3. YoYo
4. Kappa

gl hf to all :)
winner - CarlJr
winner - CarlJr
Wotre wrote:
Semi-final 1: frostBeule, YoYo
Semi-final 2: Carl Jr, Bergie

Grand final:

1. Carl Jr
2. frostBeule
3. YoYo
4. Kappa
The overall winner should be predicted not the best two of Semis!

Blizz: I got your point, but finally I thought this is a more fair thing to the drivers. Appreciate your work, if you got the vods uploaded, spam me!
winner - frostbeule
winner: CarlJr
okay Rasque :p

winner: yoyo xD
Grand final:
1. Carl Jr.
2. Frostbeule
3. YoYo
4. Bergie
winner - CarlJr
winner : Carl Jr.
winner: Carl Jr
Winner: YoYo

Allez bro
2 edits
Winner: Carl Jr.
winner: frost
Winner : YoYo ofc
winner : Carl Jr.
Winner : Carl Jr
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