ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 Incoming!
We are back for the eleventh season here at ESL with the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012, or simply Winter '12. As you have already noticed no doubt we have a new design and seasonal stamp. As you can read down below is of course a games line up that has changed because we are looking towards the future and want to continue supporting titles that have a great following and active players in our leagues.

Since the summer of 2007 we have hosted a total of ten seasons with over 30 games, €218,000 Euro prize money and an incredible amount of teams and players involved from national qualifiers until the finals. The tournaments are the highest level of online European competition for a number of deserving gaming titles.

Each season we have a number of self elected games based on activity here on the ESL while also looking towards the future at the same time.

The Games of Winter Season 2012 are

    World of Tanks (7on7): €15,000

    League of Legends (5on5): €5,000

    Crossfire Europe (5on5): €5,000

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (5on5): €5,000

    Call of Duty 4 (5on5): €2,500

    Trackmania (1on1): €750

    FIFA 13 (1on1): €750

    Total prize pot: €34,000

CS:Source has been supported by us since the first season with some €40,000 prize money, but we now feel it is time to give the new title, CS:GO, a proper start. Trackmania also returns but this time we return to the 1on1 format, after 3 seasons of team mode. FIFA 13 will be released around the end of September and therefore the season will start later and be more compact, to freeze out the new title's release overlap every winter season. Call of Duty 4 returns to us in its known format, as the most played CoD game on the ESL.

Details on how to qualify will be released in the upcoming days for all games as well as the prize money break down and a specific time line for each game. We begin the season as early as September.

Stay tuned and don't forget to visit your national section and the game portal of your favorite games here on ESL frequently!

Johan, Wednesday, 05/09/12 07:10
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starcraft 2?
you still have not paid the EMS 9 ... and started to say the price of the next edition?
great to see TrackMania supported again. nothing against 1on1 but i hope it will be like before, that is: groupstage is 1on1 and playoffs is 1on1on1on1. Tennis Mode for 1on1 would also be great to see. (and ESL Cup Mode for 1on1on1on1).
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VegaZeth wrote:
starcraft 2?
ESL owes me about 5000 euro worth of prizemoney, cute
Is this the end of team competitions in TMNF? I hope not, because last season was great! Since EMS runs two seasons a year, would it be an idea to separate them; one season for 1v1 and one for team competition?

Either way, still good to see TMNF in the list, as well as the legendary Call of Duty title =)
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Sad to see shootmania not featured :/
"Call of Duty 4 returns to us in its known format, as the most played CoD game on the ESL."

Best decision ever!!!
nice one move ;)

Go CoD4!
Jekoz wrote:

FreakyNoise wrote:
Sad to see shootmania not featured :/

kibA wrote:
Nice for TMNF ! :)
cool tmnf ! :]]] but prizes are becoming lower and lower each season.. would be great to see an improvement :D
cool for tmnf indeed, but i guess is hour to pay the old editions before to start a new edition.. :|
You know what esl? Fuck CS:GO... Get Source back! Or atleast make them both!
Shootmania is here and we want also EMS and competitions like this !
why bring cod4 back in ems, when many pro teams switch to CS:GO? u no take the money of CoD and push csgo even more?
GET our CS:Source back , why ESL kill allways the popular games :( , think about uss , we need CSS !
sTEeEvO.o wrote:
"Call of Duty 4 returns to us in its known format, as the most played CoD game on the ESL."

Best decision ever!!!

ESl still not have paid EMS Season 8 !! omfg...
CrossFire, gj
Thermaltake. OFNAA wrote:
ESl still not have paid EMS Season 8 !! omfg...

and they will not pay ;p
too bad there is no shootmania :(
when is ESL A SERIES COMING ?? haven't heard any news yet ? :/
y me 2 can u give us a date or something?
we want Source more than CS:GO so make both please :)
Where is sc2 ???
CoD 4 . still best ^^
cod4 is the best decision, also i think ESL cant change the fact that CS:GO is in the place of cs 1.6 and css because Valve told them, and valve want cs:go to support ;)
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