EMS LoL: Playoffs
After six playdays in the group stage and a few weeks delay due to holidays, we are now back on track and are ready to proceed to playoffs of ESL Major Series Winter 2012 where 15 teams will fight for that ultimate winner spot. These aren't just your ordinary League of Legends teams, they are the best 15 teams from all across the Europe - both West and Nordics & East server.
As announced both group stages are merged, we gave 1st places a #1 seed and 2nd places a #2 seed, we avoided 2 teams from the same group meeting up until the grand finals, and based on that we completely randomized the tree, and below is the result of that. In some groups there was a tie, to solve this we rated the team that won their match faster as #1. In 1 group there was only 1 team left, very unfortunate, which means 1 team has no opponent in the 1st round.

Qualified teams - Nordics & East

Group AGroup B
Reason Gaming.Go4LoL Eternity EMS
Ultra Vires.BMC EMS iQuit-gaming

Group CGroup D
TEAM ROCCAT LoL Team Mistral eSport LoL
headshotBG.LoL Different DimensionEMS

Qualified teams - West

Group AGroup B
Gambit Gaming Team Alternate.EMS
-------- Team Nunu

Group CGroup D
LowLandLions LoL sundeas crew. EMS
Tera Mindfactory.LoL RoughNex.EMS



  • Round 1: Tuesday 15th January
  • Quarter Finals: Tuesday 22nd January
  • Semi Finals: Tuesday 29th January
  • Finals: To be decided

These days aren't chosen randomly, we have a calender with all major LoL events and these days are neutral. There should be no clashes with other events. If there is an issue however let us know - Conflicts should always be solved in a match protest.

Special Rules

Matches will mostly be played on the Tournament Realm, all teams will receive new clients soon via email. However, if both teams are coming from the same server (N/East or West) you do not have to play on Tournament Realm.

The matches are BO3, in the 1st round the #1 seeds get to ban/pick first. In the later round an admin will make a statement on the match page with a random team as 1st ban/pick based on a coin toss witnessed by another staff member.

Reminder - Gameaccounts

We would like to remind all teams that usage of the correct gameaccount for each player is of extreme importance. There were quite a few teams that had wrong gameaccounts entered for some players and they need to fix it as soon as possible - before playing the next match. Playing with wrong gameaccount in the upcoming weeks will result in penalty points for the team.


In case someone wants to stream any of the matches, a support ticket needs to be opened for approval at least 48 hours before the match. Of course, some requirements will have to be met (twitch.tv only, at least 2 min delay, etc.)

Matches will frequently be streamed at ESL.TV, so make sure you keep an eye there.

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012

5.000 €

League of Legends

   1st 2.500 €
   2nd 1.500 €
   3rd 1.000 €

You can keep yourself up to date on your favourite ESL Major Series tournament(s) by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages which has additional media such as regular clips, Video on Demand, interesting information and sometimes raffles. Of course we gather all our tournament information right here on our Main page.


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