Sole vs. Yozhyk
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 10.  22.

Status: closed
MatchID 26979878
Date Monday, 22/10/12 12:00
Calculated 22/10/12 16:07
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0 : 2
Yozhyk wins !
Points 0 : +3
22/10/12 16:05
Round 1
214 kB, 22/10/12 16:05, by Yozhyk
22/10/12 16:05
Round 1
151 kB, 22/10/12 16:05, by Yozhyk
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comments (6)

I'm here.
Could we play this match now?

that is strange, that info about QR1 was just some hours ago, and we have not 1 week for match like a every year before...

playing other tournament right now, can play today but later...

what's about you?
Ok, I can play until 21 hour. So if we can start 21:00 that is ok.
okay, lets play our match at 21-00 CET

see ya!
Are you here?
Yozhyk: In the last years we used always the "old FIFA" and we could started in time with the other sections. But now we're playing with the new one. The national qualifiers have been finished only in the past days.
You may have read the date of the qr1 and qr2 from the last news and you received the details before the beginning.
We're in delay compared to the other sections so there's no more time to organize these phases.

Thanks for your understanding.
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