EMS Winter '12 FIFA13: Qr1&Qr2
We had to reschedule the QR1 and QR2 because of some national qualifiers but now we begin the next phase. Let's see the details and pairings.

Cup details

   Date*: Qr1: 22.10.12, 18:00CET ¤¤ Qr2: 23.10.12, 18:00CET
   Mode: BO3 system (2 wins needed) Possible final results: 2:0; 2:1; 1:2; 0:2)
   Links: EMS X FIFA13 Rules, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC (#esl.ems.fifa @ Quakenet) and Support ticket

*The cup begins officially at 18:00CET but you can play all the day.
The only limitation that all matches have to be played until 21:00CET on both days.

Qr1 Rankings

Qr2 Rankings

Click here for the Qr1 matches

Click here for the Qr2 matches

QR1 and QR2 - Information

The winners of the QR1 will qualify themselves into the QR2. Finally the QR2 winners get into the ESL Major Series Groupstage.


National Qualifiers: until 10th October
European Qualifier: on 11th October

Qualifying Round 1: on 20th October ***UPDATE*** 22.10.2012 18:00CET
Qualifying Round 2: on 21th October ***UPDATE*** 23.10.2012 18:00CET

Groupstage #1: 25 Oct - 28 Oct
Groupstage #2: 29 Oct - 4 Nov
Groupstage #3: 5 Nov - 11 Nov
Groupstage #4: 12 Nov - 18 Nov
Groupstage #5: 19 Nov - 25 Nov

First round: 3 Dec - 9 Dec
1/4 Final: 10 Dec - 16 Dec
Semi Final: 17 Dec - 19 Dec
Finals: 20 Dec - 23 Dec

You can keep yourself up to date on your favourite ESL Major Series tournament(s) by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages which has additional media such as regular clips, Video on Demand, interesting information and sometimes raffles. Of course we gather all our tournament information right here on our Main page.

We wish good luck to all participants!
// Your Admin Team!

601735, Monday, 22/10/12 07:02
Qr1 rankings
Qr2 rankings
comments (4)
sure, give info one day before playing when u had a month or longer :)
why we had not info about QR stages some days before match?
last years it was 1 week for every match, not just 1 night...
You can see the schedule for a month, so it is not a surprise that you have to play in this week: http://www.esl.eu/eu/ems/winter2012/fifa13/news/204570/

In the last years we used always the "old FIFA" and we could started in time with the other sections. But now we're playing with the new one. The national qualifiers have been finished only in the past days. (according to the schedule)
But you may have read the date of the qr1 and qr2 from the last news and you received the details before the beginning. So I guess may not be problem.
We're in delay compared to the other sections so there's no more time to organize these phases.

Thanks for your understanding.
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