zNation vs. Wizards Club
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 13.  9.

 Wizards Club
Status: closed
MatchID 27166427
Date Tuesday 27 November 2012 22:00
Calculated Tuesday 27 November 2012 23:13
map de_inferno_se
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Wizards Club
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Result Media
15 : 15
Points +1 : +1
27/11/12 23:14
uploaded with ESL Wire de_inferno_se0000.jpg
158 kB, 27/11/12 23:14, by Pinchos (Wizards)
27/11/12 23:14
uploaded with ESL Wire de_inferno_se0001.jpg
139 kB, 27/11/12 23:14, by Pinchos (Wizards)
27/11/12 23:14
uploaded with ESL Wire de_inferno_se0002.jpg
148 kB, 27/11/12 23:14, by Pinchos (Wizards)

Wizards Club


19/11/12 13:05
Hello everyone!

We have no idea of what to expect playing versus this Spanish team, but we are sure that this match won't be an easy one. We will know the result soon. Enjoy watching it.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Wizards Club
27/11/12 13:57
Hello everyone!

This match will decide the team who will continue playing this EMS, we have a short training but we will do our best to win this match, good luck to our mates zNation and enjoy!

Good Luck & Have Fun!
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We would like to cover this match in our matchticker at www.99damage.de - please provide us with a CSGO TV for this match. Thanks and hf&gl on the server!
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