RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 StarCraft 2 Clan: Qualification *Update*
The recently renamed RaidCall ESL Major Series is back for yet another season - and this time it features StarCraft 2, Clan league. Sixteen teams will be given a chance to compete in our online money prized competition and they will be doing so on the recently released Heart of the Swarm.

Qualification System

50% of the teams participating in the RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 will get a direct invite based on the complete overview of the team itself - and will be announced before the qualifier cups start. All teams whom are interested should signup to the first cup.

The other eight teams are going to have to qualify from one of two upcoming qualifier cups which has no signups limit and all teams may signups to both. The majority of the league will be European based due to the usage of the EU server. If you have a question surrounding this or other related matters, everyone can make a support ticket. The top 4 teams from each cup will get their slot in the groupstage which will sport 4 groups of each 4 qualified clans!

Each match will be played 3x1on1 Bo3 so 3 players are required, Heart of the Swarm on EU server.

*Update* We moved the first qualifier to Wednesday because of a schedule conflict with the EPS! Both qualifiers will start at 19 CET.


  • Groupstage: Start 1st of April 2013
  • Playoffs: Start 29 April 2013
No more than 1 match should be played per week. Each match will have a designated date, however the teams are able to reschedule, if the opponent agrees, and each team has 1 wildcard.


All broadcasters who are interested, in any language, are welcome to apply in a support ticket as well as any related coverage, we will promote you on our website.

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series Spring 2013


StarCraft 2

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €1,000

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Your RaidCall ESL Major Series Staff
johNNy, Monday, 18/03/13 15:21
comments (7)
Why add an HotS gameaccount when we can still use "StarCraft II Nick#Character code ( EU)"?
Yes it is correct but there are too many players with wrong WoL gameaccounts. That is the reason why we take the new HotS gameaccount. It only takes a few minutes to enter it. If you experience any problems, feel free to contact us via support.
Just sayin', because in the italian ESL we are using the old gameaccount value :)

So, I guess we'll have to use the HotS value too
2 edits
Filling in an account takes a second ^^, also really nice and awesome clan league even though I don't have a team :P (yet?)
Maybe you can find a team with the forum -
Nice one, Aachen eSport takes part :)
i cant sign my team in why oO and how can i change that?
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