How to Enter your Line-up properly for the EES SC2 Team League

  • For each match you have to enter your 5-man line-up on the website 15 minutes before each match on the "Match Page"(*)
  • 15 minutes before match time both line-ups will become visible on the Match page
  • If the line-up is not properly entered, an admin will have to help.
  • If your line-up becomes known when the opponent hasn't entered theirs yet, an admin will open up communication to both teams, asking each for a new line-up in a private message, the admin will then enter it on the Match page.

  1. Find your match(es) by:
  2. Click on the link that is called "Match setup (enter result, reschedule)" (this page is also used to enter the scores & create a protest if needed)
  3. In "Match Setup", click the link "Change lineup"

  4. Your team members will appear in the drop down boxes, now you have to select the order, and press Submit

    (*): the "Match Page" is a dedicated page for each match, displaying both teams, the results, and links to enter the scores

    (**): the "Change lineup" link on each Match page is made to promote the players that will be seen on the match, it is not the official lineup for a SC2 Team match. This "lineup" will also be visible instantly which is not what you want, else you are giving away your lineup to the opponent before they make theirs public. We apologize for the confusion but this cannot be changed easily.