The RaidCall ESL Major Series offers many serious games which attract many broadcasters, and we encourage as many, however we have some rules that must be obeyed.

Every broadcaster must be approved via a support ticket and must be streaming on Twitch.TV. When ESL TV streams in a certain language, it is exclusive, meaning that no others may stream the same match in the same language! Players are not permitted to stream their own matches.

Our main sponsor RaidCall is a group voice messenger that is completely free and easy to use, making it a great choice for gamers. As listed in the streaming partner requirements, you're obligated to air a 30-second advert for RaidCall once per hour – we suggest that you broadcast it between every match.

RaidCall advert

Besides that, is it important that the casters all download the RaidCall client and join their own stream sub-channel on the Electronic Sports League group –the group ID is 1997.

Where to get RaidCall:
Direct link to the ESL group:

We encourage the casters to use RaidCall to communicate with their viewers during the broadcast; your stream will be embedded into the client and people can watch directly via RaidCall. Mentioning the group ID 1997 on stream and actively inviting viewers to join you is highly appreciated.