EMS IX TMNF & CAP 8: The Finals!
Last but not least the finals are coming up and promise to be awesome. After a long and tough season 2 teams remain in the EMS IX TMNF and CAP 8 to fight for the big title! Also the matches for the 3rd places will be driven, just like the last matches in the CAP Relegations!

Relay Servers & Streams

EMS Big Final - Dignitas vs mythiX:
Stream by Russki in English
Stream by TmLive in French
Stream by Fragster in German
mythiX Relay - click to join

EMS Small Final - Acer vs @GAMED:
@GAMED Relay - click to join

CAP Big Final - wX.Group vs RtA:
RtA Relay - click to join

Relegations between divisions 2 and 3 - DFF vs Druidz:
DFF Relay - click to join

Relegations between divisions 3 and 4 - WoS vs MaDrivers:
WoS Relay - click to join

Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 A - eXception vs mCon 2:
Relayname: mCon Relay
Relay Location: Netherlands >> Limburg(NL)

Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 B - E.E.cps vs A New Era of Xtremeness:
ANE Relay - click to join

EMS Finals

The Big Final

Sunday, 20.00 CET - the meeting of the probably best teams in the world: Team Dignitas.TM2S versus mythiX eSport! The British Multigaming defeated last season's champion in an awesome fight, 7:5 on the decider (!!), while their opponents for sunday won both Quarter - and Semifinal 4:0! So if it's about the results only, mythiX eSport seems to be the favourite. Nevertheless the British team had the tougher way into the final, and as the current STC Champion, they are definitely able to take the EMS title aswell!

Sunday, 22/01/12 14:00
Status: closed

 Team Dignitas.T.. (#2)[2:4] mythiX eSport (#1)

The Small Final

waterBottle TM2S had to suffer their first loss ever in the EMS last weekend. Therefore they can't defend their title anymore, and now have to fight for the 3rd place against Team GAMED.DE. The roles seem to be clear here: waterBottle TM2S is the favourite to take the last slot on the podium, but they shouldn't underestimate their opponents!

Monday, 23/01/12 14:30
Status: closed

 Team GAMED.DE (#4)[0:4] waterBottle TM2.. (#3)

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CAP Finals

The Big Final

Both teams reached the Big Final with a clear 6:0 victory, now wX.Group by Crew.sk and Rule them All have to show which is the strongest team this season. Their group stage match ended with a draw, and the chances for another draw match, but this time followed by a decider map, aren't that low again!

Sunday, 22/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 wX.Group by Cre.. (#2)[1:5] Rule them All (#1)

The Small Final

Bullracing and Against All Authority finished the group stage 1st and 2nd after a very good season, but both only reached the Small Final. The German team won the direct fight this season, so the Frenchs surely want to take revenge for that loss!

Saturday, 21/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 Against All Aut.. (#3)[6:0] Bullracing (#4)

CAP Relegations - Loser Bracket Finals

It's going to be last match for all teams in the Relegations, and also the last chance to secure a spot for the higher division for the next season. Some teams already took that chance, but these here still have to fight!

Relegations between division 2 and 3

In their first meeting in this Relegation Drivers From Finland won and therefore sent Druidz.TM into the Loser Bracket. Now the Swedish team wants their revenge for sure and they are also the small favourite for this fight!

Sunday, 22/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 Drivers From Fi.. (#3)[3:5] Druidz.TM (#2)

Relegations between division 3 and 4

Another interesting match coming up here: Wings of Speed wants to keep their 3rd league slot safe, while MaDrivers Team wants to gain exactly that slot. Only one team can reach that target, so who will do it?

Sunday, 22/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 Wings of Speed (#2)[4:2] MaDrivers Team (#3)

Relegations between division 4 and 5 - A

orKs.Black.TM2S can favour a good season with the climb into the 4th division. On the other hand Mouse Control TMNF 2 will try to avoid that. But the French team seems to have better chances, since they were beating the Dutchs 6:0 in the first Relegations match!

Sunday, 22/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 orKs.Black.TM2S (#3)[2:4] Mouse Control T.. (#2)

Relegations between division 4 and 5 - B

It's the first time they are meeting this season. Now E.E.cps and A New Era of Xtremeness will fight in the last match this season to finish with a good result. One of them will reach that target, but who will it be?

Sunday, 22/01/12 13:30
Status: closed

 E.E.cps (#2)[4:3] A New Era of Xt.. (#3)

We want to wish all teams best luck and lots of fun!!


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    4809667, Friday, 20/01/12 09:13
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    glhf to all teams. been a great season.
    gl&hf all
    gl hf
    English Stream for the EMS Finals on www.team-dignitas.net/streams/russki :)
    Le gogo ^_^ <3
    fragster will stream the finals in 720p ! Tune in :) http://www.fragster.de/de/esport/trackmania/index.html
    mX favourite? lol.
    gogo Rta
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