EMS IX QL - Crazy Final concluded [VoD]
The ESL Major Series IX reached it's end. A thrilling final between the French star strenx and the beloved German k1llsen.

More on the match below the Video on Demand to avoid spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet, it is suffice to say it was an epic match!
Video on Demand

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--Spoilers as of here--

Grand Final

Starting off with 2 VERY close games, respectively on Toxicity and Lost World, strenx could take a 2-0 lead over k1llsen, but it could have gone the other way around. After a small break strenx showed no mercy and destroyed k1llsen on Aerowalk.

Victory strenx, Game Over k1llsen!

Wednesday, 08/02/12 14:00
Status: closed

  strenx (#1) [42:23]  k1llsen (#2)

Final Statement of Kévin 'strenx' Baéza

I am glad to have reached the final and I am even more happy that I won those games versus k1llsen. I had so much sentiments and adrenaline. This is why this game is so fabulous!

I hope people enjoyed this match as much as I did. I would like to thank all my fans for the support and ESL for an other great league.

Last but not least, don't forget to like my facebook! www.facebook.com/strenx

3rd Place Decider

Tuesday, 07/02/12 14:00
Status: closed

  AGENT (#4) [0:3]  4299634 (#3)

Final Standings




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kwatsch, Thursday, 16/02/12 10:50
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Great job. Good game.
gg guys !
Thanks to ESL for giving away the result before I had a chance to even find the VOD on the site. Still though, great cast.
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This was a epic final .. Goodbye ql :( .. i know u'll come back :P
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