LowLandLions vs. delicious!
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Status: closed
MatchID 24764224
Date Sunday, 22/01/12 16:30
Calculated 02/02/12 18:11
map mp_strike
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2 : 0
LowLandLions wins !
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comments (10)
we have 2 CGi games already on sunday, can you play on monday around 21.30 / 22.00 ???
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actually think we can play tomorrow, but around 21.00 instead of 20.00 :p
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I cant play Sunday and monday :(
hmmz :D :D

Well, somewhere next week then i guess :d:D
Tonight (monday) after 20:00
Tuesday after 22:30
Wednesday after 20:00
Thursday after 22:30?
Give us some proper answer instead of saying "k" or we'll be demanding a forfeit.
need2talk first with the guys...but some of these dates should be fine ;)
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