Reason Gaming 2v2 vs. Excelsior 2v2
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 Reason Gaming 2v2
 Excelsior 2v2
Status: closed
MatchID 22494665
Date Monday 23 May 2011 21:00
Calculated Monday 23 May 2011 21:52
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Result Media
Devilish 101 : 20
Blood Run 74 : 48
Reason Gaming 2v2 wins !
23/05/11 22:08
218 kB, 23/05/11 22:08, by noctis ([R])
23/05/11 22:08
185 kB, 23/05/11 22:08, by noctis ([R])
23/05/11 22:09
7.1 MB, 23/05/11 22:09, by noctis ([R])
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for the record:
"The power supply of my PC broke, and the cabelmodem too. It's like a total mess right now. I try to fix it till tonight, but atm it looks like I can't show up neither here or on EC game. /regards dash"
for the record:

"Any agreement to reschedule a match must be made by both participants on the ESL website, in a protest, otherwise the official match time is that stated on the match page."

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