EMS VIII Quakelive: Grand Final Live Tonight
Tonight at 22.30CEST will see the conclusion of the EMS8 Quakelive TDM 2v2 with the Grand Final!
Reason Gaming 2v2, coming from the Winner Brackets, will be the favorites and will only need 2 maps in the first set to win the tournament. The task will be tough for Four Kings - 2v2 as they already faced [R] in the WB Final and lost it in two straight maps.

To follow the game, you can watch the coverage on Level Up TV!

The Final on LVLUP TV

Tuesday 5th of July 22:30 on LVLUP

Tuesday, 05/07/11 16:30
Status: closed

  Reason Gaming 2.. (#1) [189:172]  Four Kings - 2v.. (#2)

Good luck to our two finalists!
xou, Wednesday, 29/06/11 11:45
EMS8 QL TDM 2v2 Brackets
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Update: The final is postponed :(
gogo 4K!
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