EMS VIII PES Concluded - A Brief History
Pro Evolution Soccer has been included in the ESL Major Series since the very beginning in 2007..
..when the season one trophy was being fought over by the then and also now elite. Many of them tried again season after season but only the best player can reach the top out of hundreds who try to qualify for the main round of every edition with high stakes. In total the ESL has awarded 6.000€ to Pro Evolution Soccer so far.

Very recently the latest installment Season VIII came to a close with on top, a pro player who doesn't know how to give up and tried to reach the position for many seasons, Raven!

Raven came on top of his group taking out all his opponents, he stayed the course and pulled off the same in the playoffs, beating bp in the grand final.

Monday, 13/06/11 14:00
Status: closed

  bp (#2) [0:2]  Raven (#1)

Season 4: His first EMS took off with a blast, coming out on top of his group. The start of the playoffs went smooth but was stopped twice in the upper & lower bracket by 2103975 and 2346381 respectively. Ending his fight on place 3.

Season 5: In this season Raven ended up #2 of his group losing once against 799575. Playoffs started off with two wins, however he had to satisfy with 3rd place after getting beaten by The_Greek.

Season 6: Once again taking place one in his group, he went on to earn a spot in the final. 799575 proved too strong that day, Raven got his 2nd place rank.

Season 7: In his true style he took the first rank in his designated group again, unfortunately for him 2346381 stopped him in his tracks in his 2nd round match. Place: 4th.

Season 8: As a whirlwind Raven took on every opponent he had, from the groupstage until and including the playoffs, and won all his matches. Bonus: he got the trophy!

Sitting down with a Champion


 Name: Rubén

 Country: Spain

 Team: deMentes Gaming

ESL: For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself a bit to the public.

Raven: Well my name is Ruben but i normally use my nickname Raven on the internet and with my friends, i'm from Spain (Barcelona) and i have played pro evolution soccer since 2005

ESL: You have tried to get the trophy for 5 seasons, every season you seemed to make progress. How often do you practise and do you have any rituals?

Raven: Yes... it was a long journey to finally win an EMS, there are too many good players and it was really hard to reach the final and win it.
On EMS VI i was in the final too, but i lost vs a strong player, and when i lost i told myself that i would return another time to the final to win it, and get and EMS PES for Spain.
And here it is. I really dont practise, i only play for fun 3 to 6 hours a week. And no, i dont have any rituals.

ESL: Quick question: PC or Console?

Raven: This year i'm playing console, all the other years pc.

ESL: How do you look back on your PES carreer?

Raven: I can only say that i'm fortunate to meet a lot of teammates and friends, and have good times playing with them. And on terms of
tournaments, i can't be happier because i won a lot of lans and online, much more that i could imagine when i started playing pes.

ESL: Thanks for doing this, do you have any last words?

Raven: I want to dedicate this win to all my clan mates from "dementes gaming IT", because they have been my support during all these years, because they believe in me, and i'm very grateful for the times we spent together.

Congratulations one more time.




Playoffs Bracket


ESL Major Series Pro Evolution Soccer Hall of Fame

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The Multi Champions:

799575 has earned two titles!
2346381 earned the EMS title no less than three times in PES!

For the occasion we decided to drum up two more EMS winners and ask them a couple of questions as well about their successes.

Sitting down with more Champions


 Name: Dennis Winkler

 Country: Germany

 Team: mousesports

 Titles: 2 Times EMS PES

ESL: For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself a bit to the public.

denzema: Hi, my name is Dennis, 22 years old, playing Pro Evolution Soccer since 2005 professional and 2007 for the esports team "mousesports".

ESL: How do you look back on the EMS all these years?

denzema: It was a great event and has always made fun to play. Just a good chance and interesting to mess with players from whole Europe.

ESL: You're one of two people who won multiple EMS PES titles, how does this make you feel and did you ever want more?

denzema: Nice to see that I could win this title twice and finished one time as runner-up. The competition was always hard so I'm proud to see that I was in the group of Europe's best players some years ago. We will see if I come back to aim for a third EMS title, depends on how the next PES EMS will be.

ESL: Quick question: PC or Console?

denzema: Actually only offline on PS3 and from time to time on PC, cause I have no console.

ESL: Thanks! If you have any shout-out's now's the time:

denzema: Nah not really, only hoping that PES will have a comeback next year ;)


 Name: Dennis Abendroth

 Country: Germany

 Team: peculiar gaming

 Titles: 3 Times EMS PES

ESL: For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself a bit to the public.

ABDENMAR: Hey, my Name is Dennis "ABDENMAR" Abendroth, im am 21 years old and i live near Frankfurt in Germany. Today i am working in a freight forwarding agency.

ESL: How do you look back on the EMS all these years?

ABDENMAR: I really like thinking back about the EMS, it was much fun all the time. I had great opponnents, exciting matches and much success.

ESL: You've won a total of 3 EMS PES titles, a unique prestation, how does that make you feel and did you ever want more?

denzema: I am really proud of winning the EMS three times in a row. It was the most difficult competition in PES and it had the biggest prizepool. I was playing my 4th EMS, but i lost in quarter-final.

ESL: Quick question: PC or Console?

ABDENMAR: I usually played on the pc, but in germany there are some offline tournaments on Playstation 3, where i had some success, too. All in all it was much fun to play EMS.

ESL: Any shout outs to the PES community?

ABDENMAR: At last i want to greet everybody who knows me, specially p0w and LENNAO which were always my friends and teammates.

Thanks to all the participants and admins involved!
Johan, Friday, 17/06/11 14:38
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congratulations to the winners ! Will be another EMS in PES 2011 because we have time until PES 2012 or some cups ?
Nice, spain in the top ;)
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