Introducing the 8th season of the EMS!
We proudly present to everyone the 8th season of Europe's top online league! The finest leagues, more than a thousand players competing and thousands more will try to qualify - with 16,000 Euros worth of prize money for the best of the best. Fasten your seatbelts for the ESL Major Series Season VIII!
The ESL Major Series is the highest level of European competition in the ESL for games and disciplines not included in the Intel Extreme Masters. Over the past seven seasons and four years, more than €100,000 in prize money has been won by hundreds of gamers.

While Season VII is in the final stages, we are today prepared to announce the upcoming season's games and prize distribution.

    Team disciplines

Heroes of Newerth (5on5): €5,000
Counter-Strike: Source (5on5): €3,000
Call of Duty: Black Ops (5on5): €2,500
Trackmania (Team mode): €2000
Quake Live (2on2 TDM): €1,000
Pro Evo Soccer (1on1): €750
FIFA (1on1): €750

(Remember Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and Quake Live 1on1 are in the Intel Extreme Masters)

ESL Major Series VIII

Overall Prize Money: €16,000

As always the Prize money for the ESL Major Series is heavily sponsored by the Electronic Sports League!


As part of our ongoing aim to push eSports forwards in today's most most popular games, we have made some changes since last season. We have decided to change Quake Live from 4on4 to 2on2 TDM, Call of Duty 4 moves on to Call of Duty: Black Ops, FIFA was transformed back to it's old format of 1on1 after concluding the 3on3 trial and Trackmania Nations Forever has an overhaul as well from 1on1 to Team Mode. More information for each game will be announced by their admin teams on their EMS homepages in the upcoming days.

More coming!

As you may have noticed the total prize money does not add up to the amount spread of the games. Next week Monday we will have a special announcement but we cannot give away too much details for now. Stay tuned!

The other games?

Several games from the previous season have not returned in the eighth season due to their activity in the ESL over the last season. If you don't see your favourite game in the list, then do what you can to make it more active on the ESL and it could be included next season.

Selecting the games

We have three types of games in the EMS. Firstly there are games with national qualifiers, secondly games with international qualifiers and last but not least we have publisher supported games. The selection of games that are not publisher supported is based on the activity, performance, statistics of the game in the ESL and other various factors.

More details?

Details on how to qualify for Season VIII in all games will come in the not too distant future. The prize money breakdown for each game will be revealed at the same time as we announce the national rankings for each game at the end of next week!
Johan, Friday, 14/01/11 12:40
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gogo Trackmania :)
nice news!
no more INDIVIDUAL EMS?! FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU......... :D is it gonna be like 2 x cps or smth? kinda weird..
no cod4????
#5 all cheaters in cod4
Please give 1 slot for FIFA in Greece!
no wc3 = fail
Is this a joke? BlackOps? lol. Worst decision to date.
i'm in gogo tmnf
black ops must be a freaking joke...

why should you remove a game as cod4, that has a working community, working mods and experienced teams and add a game that has no mod, no competetive gameplay, shit maps, shit fps and nearly no good clans involved?
choose blackops and lose 80% of the cod scene considering cod blackops cannot be played competitively and ESL is a competitive ladder
omg ems 1on1 ? are you really joking ? the year when the fifa is nice , record on cw ladder of teams, see how many teams are there in 3on3 , and you say we delte 3on3 ems? i hope there is some error ^^
lol blackops :DDD
fifa lol, 0.5 vs 0.5 would be better
fifa 1on1 lol , fifa 3on3 best :(
HON: 5on5 ladder last match.... Sunday, 27/06/10 20:00

Good Choice ESL....really GOOD....
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes it's really nice :DDD muahahahahahahaahahaha
blackops hahahaha

cod4 plx
How can a league claim to be in touch with gaming communities when they make such an awful decision.

Has anyone at ESL even played Black Ops?
Blackops,very nice
Black Ops? Hahahahahaha fail fail fail fail
quote[feRfu][, shit maps, shit fpsquote
So false, really great cod7 comes now ;)
What have ESL been smoking?
Take CoD4.
I have to say, there are some remarkable and provoking things in this season. It could work out well or can go the other way around. Lets wait and see! GL to all players and teams participating ;)
Where is CoD4 !?
Go Black Ops go!
Nice to have black ops there!! It's great game and will be even greater in few months. Player numbers will arise because of these kind of tournees.
BLACK OPS goes EMS, but where is the competition?

HF Perkskill0r
Cod4? omg
Black Ops... Really?? Must be bait.
Nice!!! Black Ops its a good game.
He has some future, deeply the modtool and the promod and that will be first-class:)

No ET and no COD4, you seem to be in touch with the real world....

Choosing Blackops without working modtools (no Promod) is a joke... and I say that as a BO player (non cod4).
CoD4: bigger community, known clans (fnatic,mYm,tcm, pwr and more), more activty at esl (just look at recent nightcups), a lot of streaming projects, competitive game (having proper mod), potential to get even bigger at ESL EU in future, etc

Black Ops: active (money-)support by publisher
look to the future -> Black Ops :D nice
BO fail its so fail fail

Are you serious guys? i'm outraged, Black ops? Wtf? This game is not competitive and so shit! Maps are shit, no s&d maps, everything is shit, what can you do?

NO wc3? joke esl..
Trackmania Team omg
esl just take a look at the benelux news and you will see alot more ppl whining and complaining your decision about blackops and cod4 :)
ESL is a joke !!! COD4 is THE GAME.
League of Legends?
wc3 pls with qualifier
w3 needed!!!
Kimerize wrote:
League of Legends?

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