Team Just.MSI vs. Frag eXecutors
Contestants Parameters
 4.  16.

 Team Just.MSI
 Frag eXecutors
Status: deleted
MatchID 21957762
Date Saturday, 23 April 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 27 April 01:07
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1Major Penalty  for  Frag eXecutors
    ( No Show )

Result Media
1 : 0
Team Just.MSI wins !
Points +3 : 0
Tuesday, 26 April 20:47
Round 1
210 kB, Tuesday, 26 April 20:47, by 5348525 (Just.MSI)
Saturday, 07 May 22:52
Round 1
209 kB, Saturday, 07 May 22:52, by 5348525 (Just.MSI)
comments (9)
hey can we play this on monday ?

Can we paly this match on Tuesday 20.00 becouse we rly cant play on this weekend
hi guys

ip pw?
Team poland postponed the game several times, but finaly they cannot play, because some problems with lineup of the team.

screens are uploaded, gl guys in next rounds.

During the groupstage a no show does not result in a forfeit loss, all matches must be played.
sure, will know it, thanks.

we play on saturday
ok guys
this saturday

6 p.m. german time
Did you play this match?
yep. done
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