Korre vs. Klowjoh
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 21.  13.

Status: closed
MatchID 20137758
Date Saturday, 06 November 17:00
Calculated Saturday, 06 November 17:08
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10 : 8
Korre wins !
Points +3 : 0
Saturday, 06 November 17:07
Round 1
476 kB, Saturday, 06 November 17:07, by Korre
Saturday, 06 November 17:07
Round 2
471 kB, Saturday, 06 November 17:07, by Korre
06/11/10 06:57
Pre-match statement
Once again, we meet :) I've played Rookie multiple times in EPS.blx and he's always a hard opponent.

Since I was away on vacation this week, I'm wondering how I'll be able to handle today ^^
06/11/10 11:13
pre match statement
We meet again Korre, this time not EPS but EMS :)
I think this match will be interesting with you just coming home from holidays and me being untrained because of other tournaments ^^

Gl Hf
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Hi Rookie mate! Let's have some fun :)

We can play on YYT training #1 server. Probably same pw as last time (ask me on IRC/msn/ESL if you can't remember)...
Relay: tmtp://#spectate=qlandia13
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gg Korre, was a fun match :)

I started pretty bad and finally found the flow in the last map... but it was already too late ^^
gg Rookie. Was the other way around for me :) I wasn't really fast on Uniquia, but was quite steady.
And on Double Raibow, well, I can say I'm officially cursed on that map now :P

GG, always nice to play against you mate :)
gg :D
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