Vote 1,000 Euro extra into the ESL Major Series VII!
As an initiative for communities to further support their game, we are launching a competition for the games that are already selected for or could be suitable to add to the EMS.
A total of 19 games and their communities will get the chance to either increase their total prize money or get their game added to the EMS with another whopping €1,000.

This is a unique challenge that will go on for two weeks and is meant to award the most active and endeavouring game community.

How to participate

There are two ways;

A community poll

Every gamer has the chance to vote for their favourite game, it includes the current EMS games and those we believe could be the most suitable. Go and vote now!

Tag your matches

We have come up with a way to 'tag' your matches which we can then count after the two weeks are up. It is very simple, for every match you play in the any section, in the game that you want the prize money increased or be included in the EMS, you have to add a match statement "4EMS7" (no quotes, no spaces, exactly as it is written - you may enter other text in the same statement). One statement per team and per player in your most played game will be counted.

In a nutshell: create a match anywhere => add 4EMS7 in the match statement => go play.

    How to make a match statement:
  • Before you can write a match statement, the match status has to be set to "open"
  • Once set to open, you press "write a match statement", which is located right up under parameters (also the place where you have to press "matchsetup (enter result)")
  • In the match statement you add "4EMS7".
  • A good match statement would look like this: We will pwn you and show everyone we are 4EMS7

When the two weeks are up, we will count every vote and tag, combine the two and award the most selected game with €1,000!

The competition starts now, Tuesday 22nd June 21.00hCET, and will end on Tuesday 6th of July at 21.00hCET.

Update: We've expanded the match tagging from Europe to anywhere!
Johan, Tuesday, 22/06/10 15:32
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go Wc3!
wc3 gogogooGO
go tmnf!
go Wc3!
GO wc3!!!
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tmnf tmnf tmnf tmnf ! :D
gogo Warcraft III
wc3 !
warcraft.. sokol erreicht doch grade erst seine blütezeit ;-)
Wc3 <3
wc3 what else?
warcraft : )
At the EPS Finals 16, it was impressively shown that WC3 still give us entertaining and thrilling matches no matter how old the game is (best ex. starcraft) or how dead the community supposed to be.
WC3 will win this poll! And we will see even better games than in the EPS!
Of course I dont know it for sure but I have such a feeling..

warcraft3 :)
warcraft 3 no doubt.
Wc3 ofc :)
wc3 of course :)
wc3! :-)
wc3 !
tmnf! ;D
as far as i see wc3 no doubt :D
wc3 best rts!
TMNF!! gogo
Vote for wc3!
Vote 4 Warcraft3!!!
TMNF ftw!!!^^
Team Fortress 2!
vote for warcraft!!!
WC3 just pwnz.
Counterstrike source !
wc3 :D
Dods !!!!!!!!!!!!
DoDS eba!
wc3 > all
wc3 !!!!!
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