EMS VII DoD:S: Winners & MVP Vote
Once again here are the top 3 of this season together with a Poll about the Most Valuable Player. Congratulations to the best of the best!
The fourth Major Series for Day of Defeat: Source is finished and was once again a success. The finnish allstars could take the crown and made their names immortal, being in a row with the former winners rockit.dods and back-to-back champions zeroPoint!. This time we did not see the surprise of the team coming from the lowerbracket winning the grand final, but again it is a huge boost for the french community considering three of their teams are ranked in the top four.

- €200 -

- €400 -

- €100 -

mysTix could take the 4th place home and are winning 50 € as prizemoney. Congratulations to everyone! And a huge thank you for everyone who contributed to this being a good tournament.

Did you miss something? All available SourceTV demos are still online at the matchpages, you can view streams on HiScoreTV and ESL TV as Video on Demand.
Six people predicted the correct score for the final, 4516072 won the premium code and is going to recieve it shortly.

But still we need the community for one more decision! As a little tradition now we are going to open up a poll about the Most Valueable Player of the whole season, your vote counts - the result is going to be published at the 1st January 2011 as update in this news.

*update*: The poll was closed and jaysku could win with two votes.

Your ESL EMS DoD:S Admins
fAn, Sunday, 19/12/10 10:35
MVP Vote
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gg french teams!
gratz estar
lol estar stormed through :D
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