EMS VII DoDS: upperbracket final
Can it get more important? Only a bit! We are close to the upperbracket final! this means one team can take a huge advantage home tonight by winning.
But who is it going to be? The finnish players are still going strong, but 3DMAX fought their way into this final aswell. While eStar could win both of their upperbracket matches yet with 2:0 maps the french from 3DMAX.dods lost one map against TLR. Besides that no real differences are visible on the paper, it will be exciting to see how the comparison looks ingame at thursday evening!

Thursday, 02/12/10 15:00
Status: closed

 eStar (#1) [2:0]  3DMAX.dods (#2)


We gathered a prediction about the outcome of the match to see what a reprasentative of the community thinks about it. Cnd wrote:

So, eStar is the only favorite at the begining of the tournament to be in is real place. The are, in fact, the favorite statut. 3DMAX have show versus TLR and scarleX, they are a good team. TeamPlay and strates are the two answer at their succes. I think, like a good frenchie and after shootcast two of the 3DMAX games, they can realy win this tournament. The game will be tight and it's realy difficult to choose a favorite. eStar for the skill with players like tepa or the awesome zg, frenchies for the teamplay.
fAn, Wednesday, 01/12/10 08:44
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